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What Couples Say About Jim
(You will feel this way too!)

"We can't thank you enough for the beautiful, beautiful ceremony that you most thoughtfully performed for us! Not only do we continue to talk about it, but our guests were also particularly touched by it. The words and philosophy were so beautiful and touching! We couldn't believe how perfectly it matched us and our lives ... it was as if we were speaking our hearts during the ceremony. Everyone thought it was the most beautiful, intimate and loving ceremony they'd ever witnessed! We agree wholeheartedly!"

- Renee and John

"Andrew and I received so much good feedback about you on our wedding day as well as afterwards. People thought your homily was beautiful and that you did a wonderful job as officiant of our wedding. We both know we made the right choice when we met you. Even though you do so many weddings we felt you gave our ceremony its own special touch."

- Andrew and Margaret

"Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding ceremony recently. It turned out just the way we envisioned and our families couldn't be more pleased. I feel that your philosophy really helped to unite both the religious and non-religious guests at our wedding. Your experience and care really made a difference in our trust and peace of mind."

- Celia and Steve

"We want to thank you for a truly inspiring wedding ceremony. It was everything we had hoped for and more. You spoke what we felt in our hearts, yet had never quite voiced ourselves. Thank you for everything. Our family and friends were all very deeply moved and have commented time and again that it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever been to."

- Patricia and Patrick

"We can't even come close to thanking you enough for the beautiful, loving ceremony you conducted on our wedding day. With all the details to attend to, we had almost lost sight of the real reason for the day. But your inspirational and, most of all, real, ceremony centered us, and grounded us, in a way we never thought possible."

- Judith and Fernando

"Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so unique and special. Including the children was a wonderful part we could have not done in a traditional Roman Catholic setting. Everything happens for a reason and we are extremely pleased that as our planning evolved we were led to you."

- Nicki and Mike

"Christine and I express our deep appreciation for your encouraging support of our marriage and your festive and warm ceremony . From the bottom of our hears, allow us to thank you for presiding over a wedding ceremony so beautiful and sincere that we hope it has set the tone for our entire marriage. . We truly loved every second of our ceremony, and we are both proud and thankful that a man with your convictions and beliefs officiated at our wedding. "

- Christine and Christoph

"We want to thank you for making our wedding day absolutely wonderful, unforgettable and so so happy! The ceremony was absolutely great and didn't leave anyone indifferent. All our guests were very impressed and in awe by what you have said. Everything about you - your wisdom, voice, poise, looks - made our ceremony so special. You found exactly the right words to express what we both feel for each other. We also were impressed how smoothly everything went - we didn't have to worry about anything: your kind voice, reassuring look and smile throughout the whole ceremony made us both feel taken care of. If there are angels on the Earth - you definitely are one of them. Your kindness, love and warmth are radiating throughout everything you do or say making people around you feel the part of your world full of love and care. Blessed and honored be the couples whom you will marry in the future for they will be the fortunate ones to witness and share in the most unforgettable and sacred ceremony in their lives."

- Maria and Michael

"Thank you so much for such a lovely ceremony. I hope you had as much fun as we did! :) Our families and guests were very impressed with the ceremony; we couldn't have asked for a better, more all-encompassing wedding. Let me know if you would like us to write a recommendation, or sign a guest book for other prospective brides and grooms."

- Shannon and Don

"The next best thing to having the love and best wishes of our family and friends at our wedding was having the exceptional ceremony that you performed for us. Everything was perfect and your sermon touched us all. Thanks again for making our wedding extraordinary!"

- Cathy and Kevin

"Morgan and I wanted to thank you for helping us to make our wedding everything we had hoped it would be. We thought the ceremony was just perfect, and we were so thankful to have found someone whose philosophy about religious life is so harmonious with our own."

- Lesley and Morgan Hobbs

"Thank you for adding so much joy to our wedding day. The ceremony was so meaningful and personal, it was truly a wonderful way for Ozzie and I to begin our life together. We loved it and can't thank you enough."

- Jana and Ozzie

"Thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony so beautiful! Your words and wisdom will be carried with us throughout our marriage. Many of our guests commented on what a special ceremony we had due to you!"

- Lolly and Tom

"Thank you so much for your wonderful service at our wedding. Everyone Commented about how meaningful our ceremony was. Most of all we have a wonderful memory of our marriage ceremony that we can cherish for our lifetimes! "

- Joann and Ed

"Thank you for making our day perfect. The ceremony was beautiful and my mother loved you (this is key)! We enjoyed every moment thanks to you!"

- Valerie and Forrest

"We were glad to have you be a part of an unforgettable day. Your talk on love will always be remembered, as well as your warm and welcoming demeanor."

- Paula and Jeff

"Rather belatedly, we wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding such a very special and beautiful occasion. I think you will agree that the setting was perfect, surrounded by nature, all those glorious trees filtering in the sunlight. What memories we all have. We felt that, with such short notice, you put together the most perfect ceremony for us and all our family and friends. Once again, thank you so very much and may God bless you in you work - it meant so much to me personally to have such a spiritual side to our marriage ceremony - it is a new beginning for us both and we are so happy."

- Sue and Michael

"We can't thank you enough for the beautiful job you did with our wedding ceremony. Afterwards, we received nothing but compliments about everything from the uniqueness of the format, to the moving homily on love. If possible, we'd love to have a copy, so that we can forever remember how you helped make our day truly "ours.""

- Stevie and Ben

"You officiated my wedding that took place on July 11th, 2003 and I did not get a chance to thank you for all your hard work. We got SO many compliments on the service that you presented on our wedding day and my family as well as Phelan and I were so very happy with the outcome. We just wanted to take this time to thank you for making our day that much more special and there will definitely be recommendations coming from us. We wish you all the best! Thank you,"

- Cindy and Phelan

"Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. We enjoy and relate to your intellect, wit, and spirituality. We'll always remember you and your thoughtfulness."

- Marian and Adam

"Thank you for your guidance over the past few months and performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony. Rodney and I were truly moved and will always remember you."

- Briana and Rodney

"Karly and David really wanted their ceremony to be something special. They sincerely felt after meeting you that you were the person to provide the ceremony they longed to have. I am so pleased that they were correct in their feelings. Their ceremony was truly unique and special. You may not know that David is a Dartmouth graduate and his college friends are terribly bright. .they were so impressed, I had to chuckle . you pleased people on multiple levels. Thank you for your patience, care and concern."

- Mother of the bride

"Words cannot express our sincere thanks and gratitude for marrying us on New Year's Eve. Both of us are glad the judge was unavailable to perform the ceremony. You made it a special and memorable experience."

- Andrea and Courtney

"Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. Not only were you a wonderful speaker who spoke to Roger and I - but to everyone else. We had more compliments on you than anything else! If you ever need references or anything else - please let us know! Thank you again!"

- Roger and Lexa

"Words cannot express our thanks for making our day perfect! So many people have commented on such a special ceremony! ... thanks again for a beautiful day! "

- Tonya and Danny

"Our ceremony on Saturday was beautifully delivered and intellectually inspired. Our guests literally gushed at your articulate message and we are thrilled that we managed to get you to officiate at our wedding. If you can satisfy my devout Catholic Long Island mother-in-law and the mainstream Protestants, you're doing something right. The inclusive message you delivered on Saturday particularly appeals to me. Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony."

- Lori and Tom

"Thanks for marrying us. Our wedding was so beautiful and meaningful because of your presence. We certainly appreciate it a lot!"

- Sandra and Kelly

"Jeremy and I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did officiating our wedding. The ceremony was absolutely perfect. We are still receiving compliments that our wedding ceremony was the most beautiful one they have ever been to. We can't wait to receive the video to relive it. We really appreciate the letter you wrote us and really took the words to heart. The certificate you created will proudly be displayed in our home. We also really appreciate you giving us a copy of the ceremony."

- Claire and Jeremy

"The process was made easier with you participating. The best thing about your ceremony service was your patience and grace under pressure. Starting late and unorganized at the beginning - it all became invisible to us and our guests just in time for our ceremony to proceed beautifully. Thanks to your leadership on top of your patience and grace, our ceremony was a success! We thank you so much for everything!"

- Catherine and Michael

"Thanks for the beautiful job you did on our ceremony. We received lots of good comments on it, and we couldn't have asked for anything more. Thanks again!"

- Mary and Tim

"Your ceremony helped make our day so special - your non-judgmental spirituality made everyone feel very at ease, and we've received so many compliments on your modern approach to God, love, marriage - we could not have asked for a more perfect beginning to our new life together!"

- Dale and Kristen

"A long overdue thank you for the perfect wedding ceremony. We're so glad God led us to you! We did pay attention to your message, and have read your letter. You made a lasting impression. Thank you again, and God bless you."

- Lourdes and Moe

"Jason and I would like to thank you for the lovely service you offered for our wedding ceremony. The homily and personal touches were so beautiful and included everything that we hoped to have on our wedding day. Thank you for making this very important day a special one. We'll send you pictures after we receive them and get settled in our house in Cincinnati."

- Jackie and Jason

"The process was made easier with you participating. The best thing about your ceremony service was your patience and grace under pressure. Starting late and unorganized at the beginning - it all became invisible to us and our guests just in time for our ceremony to proceed beautifully. Thanks to your leadership on top of your patience and grace, our ceremony was a success! We thank you so much for everything!"

- Catherine and Michael

"Thank you so much for all of your help getting the ceremony together. It was absolutely beautiful. The wisdom and guidance you've shared with us will be treasured always. Thank you!"

- Rathna and Hanna

"Steve and I would like to thank you for officiating our wedding. You did a wonderful job in helping us express our love and commitment to one another, to our guests. We will recommend your services to future brides and grooms!"

- Jennifer and Steven

"My wife Linda and I were extremely happy with the wedding service that Rev. Jim Burch performed for us in August, 2004 at our home in Burke, VA. Linda, who is Catholic and I, who am Jewish, met with Jim prior to the ceremony. We asked him to perform a service that was intimate and that spoke to us about the positive power and energy surrounding us and that reflected the fact that our one God was looking down and blessing our union.
What Rev. Burch provided was exactly what we asked for. He demonstrated a flexibility and understanding of our situation that put both of us as at ease during our first meeting with him and that carried through to our marriage ceremony. We strongly recommend Rev. Burch as a contemporary spiritual leader and wedding master of ceremonies.

- Stephen and Linda

"To: Ms. Cindy Rich, Washingtonian magazine

We wanted to take a moment to nominate our wedding officiant, Rev. Jim Burch from Clifton, VA, as deserving of recognition in your January wedding industry issue.

My husband and I were married on January 18, 2004 at Wakefield Chapel in Annandale, VA. Early in our planning process, we knew that we wanted our wedding ceremony to have the classic spiritual wedding touches, but not to be overly religious, as neither of us belonged to a certain religion or church. We wanted our officiant to be friendly and personable, someone who would take the time to get to know us in order to be able to personalize our ceremony to ourselves and our families. We had already met with a few people before I happened across Rev. Burch's website, www.weddingceremony.org

Rev. Burch was a real pleasure to work with. We met with him a couple of times before our wedding to get to know one another, and to discuss our feelings on marriage, family, religion and life in general. He gave us a "workbook" of wedding passages, customs, and verses to review and worked with us to customize our wedding ceremony. He was also very good about making sure our prospective family issues were handled gracefully.

Our wedding day began rather dreary and drizzly. Rev. Burch arrived early and made sure that everyone knew their cues and places, and patiently answered all our last minute questions. Before we knew it, it was time to go.

Despite the weather, and the bridal party starting late, everything went flawlessly. We received more compliments on our ceremony than any other aspect of our day. Many of our guests we spoke with later that day told us that our officiant had done a fabulous job creating such a beautiful and intimate service. Rev. Burch's remarks were loving, inspirational, and uplifting, and really touched me as I stood there looking at the man I was marrying. After the ceremony, Rev. Burch presented us with a keepsake certificate signed by our wedding party, which I thought was a sweet touch.

I have attached a picture taken at our wedding ceremony, as led by Rev. Burch. We couldn't have been more pleased with him, and I absolutely recommend Rev. Burch to anyone who is looking for an officiant. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions."

- D'Arcey and Justin

"Thank you so much for celebrating our wedding with us. Everyone commented on how lovely the ceremony was and you were a key reason behind those feelings. We will remember you always."

- Ann and David

I am writing to let you know that Rev. Jim Burch performed a wonderful ceremony for our wedding held on March 20, 2004 at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC. Many of our family and guests commented on how much they enjoyed his homily on love and the joining of two people. My husband and I truly appreciated his very professional approach to our wedding. His guidance before and during the ceremony helped make our wedding a great success.

- Elise and Rob

"I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you again for conducting our wedding. We had SO many compliments on your service- it was really perfect! Amir sent an email in for you to the Washingtonian Magazine- you deserve to be recognized for the wonderful work you do. Again- thank you for making our day better then I could have imagined!"

- Cathie and Amir

"Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so special I can't tell you how many compliments we received on your beautiful service. We really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all you did to make his wonderful day even more memorable."

- Marissa and Nick

"Thank you so much for our lovely ceremony. What a glorious day for us, our families and friends! So touching and memorable. You will be in our thoughts and prayers for years to come - much thanks!"

- Misty and Brian

"Jim, thank you for a beautiful ceremony. We have received so many compliments on the ceremony, and we owe it to you!"

- Ashley and Melvin

"We want to thank you so very much for all you did to make our wedding - so personally meaningful, beautiful and memorable. Your words were inspiring and spoke to all who were present, and your warm and friendly manner made all of us feel at ease - even though our two hearts were racing! Our families and friends who were there have all commented on how touching the ceremony was, and those who could not be present have been moved in watching the video. In short, it was perfect for us, and you made it so!

We're enclosing some pictures we thought you might like to have of our very special wedding. Again, we thank you so much for your very important part in it."

- Virgil and Guy

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful ceremony!! My wife Christy was so nervous, but you calmed her down with your peace and the peace of GOD. Thank you and GOD BLESS!!!!"

- Christy and Alexander

"We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found you to marry us. Our ceremony was unique and meant something to us - not the usual "cookie cutter" ceremony many have. We had many comments about you and the ceremony - good ones, of course. Thanks again!"

- Barbara and Clarence

- "Just wanted to take a minute to Thank You for performing our Surprise Wedding Ceremony Saturday Evening. Everything was perfect. We couldn't have found a better officiant. Thank You again so much!"

- Becky and Michael

- "What a beautiful ceremony! Thank you so much for making our special day extra special. How right you were - things were perfect!"

- Patricia and David

"Kim and I just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to tell you thank you for your service. It was a beautiful ceremony, and everyone at the service agreed that it was not the run of the mill ceremony. Once again, we can't thank you enough."

- Ray and Kim

"Steve and I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we loved our wedding ceremony! You did such a great job incorporating our wishes and the small details for us. You made it fun & entertaining for our guests, but still very meaningful and serious with regard to our love and our responsibilities to building a successful marriage. Your way of expressing that love crosses all boundaries of different religions was a perfect fit for our group. No matter how an individual refers to God, the Spirit, Yahweh etc., we all have the same goal and purpose with love and relationships! We received tons of great feedback on how sincere, beautiful and emotional our ceremony was and we can't thank you enough!"

- Steve & Stacey

"Thank you so much for making our wedding day and this whole experience so wonderful. You have been great to work with, and we can't thank you enough for everything."

- Dena and Jim

"Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony! Shihomi and I can't tell you how much we appreciate everything. Even though it was a hot day, in retrospect we think everything went just as we could have hoped. Thanks again!"

- Michael and Shihomi

"We are back from the honeymoon and I wanted to take a moment and say big thank you from both Kevin and I for your wonderful service at our wedding. We were very happy to have you as our officiant. You made our ceremony very special and we will have nice memories for the rest of our lives."

- Yana and Kevin

"We just cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful, meaningful service and for making our ceremony so special. Not only did it speak to our hearts, but so many of our guests specifically came to us to tell us how much they enjoyed it. You have such a special message that we can all relate to, whether as a newlywed or single or having been married for years and years. We also very much enjoyed your company and hope you had a wonderful time as well."

- Dena and Jim

"Thank you for a lovely ceremony. Our guests gave us so many compliments bout you. It was a great day!"

- Susan and Dan

"We wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful wedding ceremony. Your words and presence were so beautiful! We've already seen a few of the wedding pictures and in them you were smiling that great smile of yours which we found so comforting on that day. Thank you also for your beautiful comments about Amy and the sun! Her mom can't stop talking about it and it made us feel great. =) We felt so much joy and love from you which was inspiring. The words and promises of our ceremony and the letter you sent will always stay in our hearts and minds. Amy truly enjoyed all of the conversations with you - It was great to meet someone who has such similar views on God. She truly believes that God led us to you for the ceremony and feel so blessed that He did. Thank you again for everything. We wish you and your family a joyous, happy, peaceful and wonderful life!"

- Amy and Mark

"Thank you for the lovely ceremony! You did a wonderful job. We were really pleased with how smoothly it went. So many guests raved about the ceremony."

- Tanya and Tony

"Thank you so much for performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony for us yesterday. You have been a big part of making our special day happen. On behalf of all of our friends and family, we really enjoyed it."

- Kim and Duc

"We cannot express our thanks to you enough. The ceremony was amazing. We received so many compliments from our guests on how beautiful your words were. Thank you so much for making our day fantastic. You truly are a joy."

- Tracy and Steve

- "All day long people at our wedding commented about how beautiful the ceremony was. One couple may even be contacting you. Thank you so much for the beautiful service and for all the little details you covered. We really appreciate it."

- Mike and Eileen

"We would both like to thank you for officiating our wedding. We and our families were so pleased with the way the entire ceremony went. I could not have imagined anything more perfect or special. We truly felt like it was OUR wedding, customized to what we wanted and felt was fitting for us. Thank you for making the process so easy to understand. We appreciate your kind words, professionalism, and spiritual guidance during this special time in our lives."

- Amanda and Don

"Thank you for officiating our wedding so beautifully. The service couldn't have gone more perfectly and your homily was absolutely beautiful. The service was so representative of the two of us and the essence of our relationship that we were left speechless. We received numerous compliments and praise for your service. Thank you for making our wedding day unforgettable. We are truly grateful."

- Sarah and Gale

"Wanted to say thanks again for conducting the service. Everything was perfect! Both Kim and I received numerous compliments from both sides of family in reference to your God is love and love brings us together sermon. Not sure if they mentioned anything to you during the reception."

- Kim and John

"Thank you so much for conducting our wedding ceremony! It is beautiful, personal, and is just as what you have visualized with us prior to the wedding. We are very happy with how everything turned out. Many people commented afterward at the wonderful sermon you performed. Thanks for coordinating our wedding party and made everything run so smoothly. We both feel comfortable and confident to have you stand by us; Ching-yi's non-English-speaking parents also felt comfortable with how you had them involved during the ceremony. Thank you very much. We are grateful to have you as our priest."

- Ching-yi and Barry

"Thank you so much for giving us a beautiful ceremony. We're really glad that you were part of our special day."

- Aleitha and Vinson

"We wanted to thank you for making our special day that much more special. Your homily was truly inspirational and had us and the audience not only captivated, but in another place, which was exactly what we wanted, but thought was not possible. We have been to several weddings over the last year or two and no priest or officiant has been better received. We can't tell you how many people have come up and asked us where we found you and raved how absolutely inspirational the ceremony was. People who had long turned their backs on organized religion came up and said, "Man, that guy had me on the edge of my seat, hanging off of every word that he uttered. I just wanted to hear what he was going to say next." - You truly made our special day that much more perfect, and we could not have asked for more."

- Rebecca and Ryan

"Lisa and I wanted to Thank You for such a wonderful wedding ceremony! We both have received so many compliments about you and your delivery... it was excellent! Many of our family and friends have mentioned "it's the best wedding they have ever been to"."

- Lisa and Josh

- "Thanks for conducting the ceremony. We've received quite a few compliments on it. You said all the right things without belaboring the obvious."

- Cathy and Bill

"Thank you for the most wonderful wedding ceremony. We will remember it forever. We have had so many of our guests tell us it was the best wedding they had ever attended. We have to agree. It was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you again for making the most important day of our lives so beautiful and memorable."

- Lisa and Tim

"I have wanted to write you a note since you performed our wedding last November [note: 4 months earlier] - sorry I am just getting around to it. I wanted to thank you so much for your help and guidance. You performed a beautiful ceremony and one I will always remember. I had so many positive comments about you. You made our perfect day even more so, and we both thank you for that!"

- Dawn and Brian

"Thank you for your kindness and your special thoughtfulness. We felt another card was necessary to let you know how much we appreciated the ceremony you prepared for us. It was just perfect! Thank you also for the nice certificate - Our special day was everything we hoped for, and we are very grateful for your contribution."

- Cheryl and Brad

"Thank you so much for officiating our wedding on March 18th. You were the perfect person to stand with us that night and we are very grateful."

- Liz and Todd

"Thank you for being such an important part of our special day. The ceremony was both beautiful and touching. We will make it a point to live our lives by the readings we chose and the homily you gave. Thank you again!"

- Amy and Andrew

"I wanted to thank you again for performing our ceremony on April 9. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and very poignant. We received so many compliments about you at the reception - we couldn't have been happier."

- Mira and Patrick

"We wanted to thank you for such a beautiful ceremony! The weather was gorgeous and everything was just wonderful. Many people have come up to me and have told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony. Thank you for all your help and support."

- Mary T. and Greg

"We just wanted to say thank you again for performing our wedding ceremony! Everything was beautiful and the guests had nothing but good things to say about you."

- Laurie and Wes

"We wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did at our wedding ceremony. Our guests couldn't stop commenting on what an amazing ceremony it was and how special they felt to be involved in the ceremony. It was a glorious day and we feel blessed to have had you there with us."

- Dana and Gary

"Brian and I want to thank you for such a wonderful wedding ceremony. As you have heard many times before - we received so many compliments about the ceremony - "IT was the best ceremony we ever attended." You made the entire ceremony seem so seamless. Thank you for making our special day so memorable."

- Virginia and Brian

"Thank you so much for officiating our August 11th wedding! You did such a wonderful job of incorporating all of the things we wanted and that made the day so special for us. Your talk on love was incredible and we loved the message of tolerance and love that pervaded the entire ceremony."

- Erin and Chris

"Thank you very much for the beautiful ceremony, and thank you for putting us completely at ease. We never worried about what we had to do next. I received many compliments about your sermon. We wish you the best and will recommend you to others."

- Rebecca and Mark

"Glenna and I wish to say thank you for conducting a wonderful wedding ceremony and for all your help and advice. Many people have told us what a beautiful ceremony our wedding was."

- Glenna and Steve

"We so appreciate your coming here in such bad weather and on such short notice. Because of you, we were able to fulfill our plan for a Valentine wedding."

- June and Richard

"It's important to take a moment to remember special people who blessed or touched your life in a positive way and more importantly; to acknowledge it. Thank you so much for officiating our quiet wedding in Warrenton; you made a simple ceremony rich with spiritual meaning. For us, it was almost healing as much as a joyous commitment sacrament. I really didn't want to have to "settle" for a simple Justice of the Peace "quickie" mart wedding: "Do you take her - how about him - fine, you're done - pay the clerk, next." You brought a beautiful presence that really touched our hearts ... a thank you is in order...better late than never. :) You made our wedding memorable and seasoned with the heart of Christ's love. God bless."

- Celeste and Thaddeus

"We're glad you could play such a special part in making our dream come true. Thank you for all of your help and guidance."

- Susanne and Sam

"Thank you for a great ceremony. It was beautiful!"

- Larisa and George

"Thanks so much for the ceremony. It was great. I was incredibly nervous, but you walked me through it and calmed me down. Everyone enjoyed your homily too. Most of the guests come from a science background, so it was interesting how you mix science with spirituality and show that the two coexist (instead of contradict). Again, thanks so much for making our day special."

- Melissa and Adrian

"Ray and I want to thank you greatly for presiding over our wedding. It was a glorious service and very well put together. Thanks for making our wedding day even more special. I'll make sure to send you a link to the wedding pictures."

- Jade and Ray

"Linnett and I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for performing such a beautiful service for our wedding. Both of our families were impressed with how you handled the ceremony, especially given the two different religions. We were so happy that everything went so well, and you were a big part of it. We really appreciate everything you did for us. Thanks again."

- Linnett and Dave

"Thank you for creating wonderful moment at our wedding. Jamie and I could not have been happier with your part in our ceremony at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens on August 18, 2007. The day was perfect. Your letter discussing the permanency of love will be periodically reviewed to help us have a wonderful loving partnership for the rest of our lives!"

- Minghua and Jamie

"We would like to thank you for officiating at our wedding. The ceremony was wonderful, and everything we pictured. Our friends and family really enjoyed the ceremony."

- Erika and David

"Patrick and I are back from our honeymoon, and we wanted to write you right away to tell you how much we appreciated all that you did for us. I cannot tell you how many people came up to us to tell us that your words really struck them and how meaningful the ceremony was. You could not have expressed a more perfect reflection on the meaningfulness of our unity in marriage. We are simply beyond words to thank you. I know you spoke freely during your talk on love, but by any chance do you have that talk written down? Even in note form? It was so moving and we would love a copy if at all possible. Jim, again, it was an honor working with you. Your words and kindness truly inspired us and we feel so fortunate to have found you to officiate our marriage."

- Liza and Patrick

"Nina and I wanted to say thank you very much for the wonderful ceremony. You impressed everyone there with your heartfelt words and your discussion on love and the universe ... my brother Jim was especially impressed and trust me that's not easy to do. Long story made short you made our small wedding a very large experience and we can't thank you enough. We were also very appreciative of the printed script that you provided of the ceremony. We've attached a picture that I hope you'll enjoy, take care and many blessings."

- Nina and John

"A dozen thank yous couldn't tell you all the happiness your presence brought. Thank you so much for a nice service. Everybody made good comments about your sermon and the service. Thank you for the note you sent as well."

- Mary and Chris

"Thank you again for making our 2007 dreams come true! Our family and friends are still talking about our beautiful wedding ceremony. We sincerely hope that our paths will cross again. In the meantime, we have enclosed a photo of that special day so you don't forget us. We certainly will never forget you!"

- Anita and Jim

"Thank you so much for performing our ceremony! It was exactly what we wanted, and people couldn't stop talking about what you had to say! What a great message on a great day! We really appreciated your follow-up letter as well. Thanks again."

- Julie and Will

"Sorry it has taken me a while to get this out, but between the wedding and the traveling to NJ/PA/NY/VA/ and Iraq/Pakistan again, we have had our hands full. The ceremony was beautiful and I appreciate your wonderful service as well as Catherine. We both thank the Lord above we had someone to express in words the love we have for one another. Hopefully in the future we will see each other again. My prayers to you and your family."

- Catherine and Jason

"Thank you very much for making us feel so special on our wedding day. Everybody who attended commented on how it was the most beautiful wedding they have ever been to. We know that it wouldn't have been complete without your help and guidance. Thank you also for the wonderful letter you have written us. We will cherish your words and use them to guide us throughout our lives."

- Jamie and Erik

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our wedding ceremony. We had a great time! Your sermon was wonderful and we received so many compliments on how excellent you were. Thank you for being part of our wedding day and for welcoming us to the start of our marriage."

- Rachel and Jon

"You spoke beautifully. Everyone said that this was the most personal and intimate wedding they had ever been to. They loved the first person readings and all the interactions. I simply don't know how to thank you enough. I may never be able to repay you. Our ceremony was perfect! I will never forget it! I was so surprised to receive your letter, and thank you so much! Such wonderful and thoughtful words to live by. What else can I say? You are the best! Thank you!!!"

- Mary and John

"Thank you for being there for us! Your message of love made our wedding ceremony special and meaningful. We thought you were great! Thank you for everything!"

- Lele & John

"Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony. We really enjoyed working with you for our special day. We felt that your delivery was warming and just what we were looking for. Thank you!"

- Chrissy and Michael

"We wanted to write to say thank you again for organizing and conducting such a wonderful ceremony - we have had so many compliments and praise on the service. You did exactly as you promised - created a personal, heartfelt message about love which everyone could relate to, regardless of their religion or background. We thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony and the whole day! Many thanks!"

- Jasmin and Brandon

"Thanks for making us so comfortable and our ceremony so easy. You were very good in guiding us step by step. The letter you just sent us has very valuable advice. We're glad we chose you to be our officiant."

- Lucy and David

Some of the Reviews posted on WeddingWire.com:

Jim did an amazing job on our ceremony! My husband and I really enjoyed the ceremony. He speaks so well on love and made our guests feel like he knew us for years! He was very responsive and always willing to work with us on any suggestion we had. We would highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for an officiant in the area.

- Kristin

Jim truly enjoys what he does. We felt he genuinely appreciated the opportunity to be present with us and our families on the day, and his joyful energy made the ceremony memorable. We were looking to hold a spiritual rather than religious ceremony, and Jim's inclusive message of love resonated with us and our guests. One wonderful detail was how Jim was able to include my husband's daughter in the ceremony, honoring the new family we were making. Thank you, Jim!

- Christine

I went to a ceremony 8 years ago that Jim officiated and knew if I ever got married I would want Jim to officiate. As soon as I got engaged in December 2010 I called up my friends who Jim married and got his information.

My (now)husband and I met with Jim and I was pleased to find he was as welcoming, wise, witty and calm as he had seemed during the ceremony he had officiated many years ago. Jim gave us time to review our options and to contact him if we decided to go with him. My normally cautious husband was ready to jump in that day with Jim just based on a few minutes together.

Jim was responsive, professional and had an oracle like quality of predicting what we might need to do and things to watch out for. I could not have asked for a better presence along our engagement journey. I cannot even begin to tell you how many friends and family came up to me throughout the reception and in the past few weeks to tell me how much they enjoyed Jim and the ceremony he performed. His ceremony set the tone for the rest of the wedding day and that tone was top-notch, spiritual and sincere.

I give Jim my highest recommendation and have already forwarded his information to all of my friends and family, per their request.

- Vanessa

Jim was a fantastic, my husband I feel blessed we had Jim as our officiant. Jim was informative, professional, calming and very positive. Everyone who attended our wedding raved about the service. Jim helped make our wedding day perfect!

- Jen and Scott

We highly recommend Jim Burch. He has an amazing perspective a fresh outlook on marriage and the ceremonies. What made our ceremony even more special was the fact that my husband and I were able to build the ceremony ourselves, making it truly personal. Jim's attention to detail and his commitment to the couple is always present during his ceremony. We had so many guests come up to us after saying what a great ceremony it was; unique, thought provoking, and powerful. We couldn't have asked for a better officiant!

- Kara

Rev. Jim did a wonderful job as our officiant! We were married at Chesapeake Beach Resort, and he came highly recommended; I can see why! He was patient, responsive, and worked with our needs and wants. My hubby was deployed up until a couple months before the wedding, and as we live out of state, they didn't have a chance to meet prior- but Jim made Dan feel completely comfortable. Our guests complimented how beautiful our ceremony was, and Dan and I know that we got exactly what we were looking for. Even when I tried to put the ring on the wrong hand (oops! LOL!), Jim made us feel comfortable, at ease and not "stuffy". Thank you Jim, for making such an important part of our day so special!

- Deanna

Rev. Jim Burch was perfect for us! We had dreamed of an outdoor wedding but still wanted to be able to incorporate our faith into the ceremony. He helped us to tailor the ceremony to fit us perfectly. Jim had so many wonderful suggestions and options that it made choosing every important little detail easy and stress free. We were so comfortable meeting with him prior to our wedding day that we had no worries about how the ceremony would go. My husband and I, as well as our family and friends, were truly touched by the words that Jim spoke about us and love. I also love that he gave us the entire ceremony typed up to keep so that we can look back and read it years from now and remember how special it was for all of us. Do yourself a favor and call him!

- Lauren

Finding an officiant was not easy after many phone calls most of the officients wanted me to write my own ceremony from scratch or just seemed odd in one way or another. Then I called Rev Jim, who couldn't be nicer and easier to talk to. He was exactly what we were looking for and he made our lives so easy by having a pre-written selections we could choose from. The ceremony itself was amazing and his words were so sincere, we received a lot of compliments on this and many people asked for his contact information! It was a great combination of religion, but down to earth relatable words. My parents did not meet Jim until the day of the ceremony but instantly loved him. My husband and I couldn't have picked a better officiant for our wedding and we highly recommend him to all couples!

- Lisa

Jim was wonderful. We loved how much experience he had, and his ceremony very well written. He allowed us to mold and edit the ceremony to suit our particular beliefs, which made the ceremony exactly perfect for us and our guests. The audience interaction that he does is fantastic. Highly recommended. Thanks Jim.

- Dave and Alexis

Jim Burch did an amazing job at our wedding ceremony!! Our ceremony was spiritual but not overly religious so Jim Burch was the perfect balance. He was extremely helpful with putting the ceremony together and providing a program as well. Our ceremony was beautiful and would definitely recommend Jim Burch for anyone looking for an officiant!

- Stefania

A few wedding party guests were running very late and Jim was extremely patient even though he had a commitment afterwards. Great ceremony!

- Michael and Cragg

Rev. Jim is wonderful!! We met with him twice prior to the wedding and exchanged a couple emails as well. He is a great person and really nice to talk to. He did an awesome job at our wedding ceremony and managed to keep my husband and me smiling and not too nervous :) We really wanted a ceremony that was spiritual while not being religious and Rev. Burch has the perfect balance. We also enjoyed playing such a large role in formatting the ceremony and being able to personalize it so much. It made for a beautiful and memorable ceremony for me and my husband. I would definitely recommend Rev. Jim to anyone looking for an officiant!

- Molly

Jim was a wonderful officiant for our wedding. He made the process very easy for choosing our ceremony and our day was very special! I highly recommend him.

- Bride

Jim Burch is an amazing Officiant! He was an absolute pleasure to work with, and he really made the ceremony beautiful and memorable. He was very flexible, easygoing and made our busy lives more manageable as he is very experienced and knowledgeable! We received a lot of compliments after the ceremony, which added to the excitement of our wedding. We highly recommend Jim to any future couples in need of a wedding Officiant!

- Cristina

Jim Burch was very helpful. He gave us as outline and some guidelines and we worked from there. He made it very simple to plan. The ceremony was perfect, just the right length and just enough said.I would highly recommend him.

- Terri

We were very pleased with our experience with Rev Burch. He captured the true spirit of marriage and provided a lovely service. He was spiritual without being preachy. Many of our guests commented on his insights and his pleasant delivery. He set the tone for our special day from the moment he began the ceremony.

- Ann McShea

Jim did such a wonderful job officiating at our wedding ceremony -- it was so beautiful and meaningful for both me and my (now) husband and for our families. We went into the wedding planning process feeling somewhat unsure about what we wanted the ceremony to be like. My husband and I were both raised as Catholics and wanted to have religious elements to our ceremony, but did not want it to be overly religious. Jim’s ceremony ended up being perfect for us; there was a simplicity to the ceremony, but also a recognition of the significance of the moment.

Another aspect of Jim’s ceremony that we appreciated was its user-friendliness. We are not the types to write our own vows, and we needed some direction in how to organize the ceremony. Jim had a number of options for each stage and a good sense of timing – e.g. we had a choice of various sets of vows, we could choose to include family in various ways, Jim had good suggestions for readings, where to have a musical interlude, etc. The other nice aspect of the ceremony was that it was easy to follow with minimal, unobtrusive prompting from Jim. This meant that little rehearsal was required, just a discussion about how things would go. It all worked out perfectly.

- Libby

Jim was great in guiding us toward a ceremony that suited the two of us and was unique to what we wanted to convey and experience. He was an utmost professional and very responsive to emails and questions we had.

Our small ceremony of family and closest friends was enjoyed by everyone. The ceremony Jim performed was the perfect balance of religion, spiritually, and expression of love. We had guests tell us what a blessing it was to witness such a beautiful ceremony.

- MF

Jim Burch was basically a godsend. We had no suggestions for an officiant and no experience planning a wedding so after finding Jim online and reviewing his website, we felt he would probably best represent the feelings we wanted for our wedding. My husband's family are Catholic and my side of the family ranges from Athiest to Methodist. Jim was able to create a ceremony in which the love was felt by everyone and each person was able to enjoy the spirituality of the ceremony while keeping them involved in it as well. I have to admit that have found that many ceremonies I have been to become boring and long. Jim was fantastic. He was interesting, lively, gave phenominal speeches and he was able to capture the essence of a wedding, love, and make everyone FEEL it. People got so caught up in the romance of the ceremony that you could literally SEE the love. So many people were overwhelmed with the feelings Jim was able to catpure, we had people crying, laughing, smiling, kissing, etc. I felt that he did such a good job and was able to create a ceremony that made EVERY SINGLE PERSON, and of different religions, more than happy and also extremely impressed. To this day I have people ask me about our officiant, how we found him and how fantastic he was. Right after the ceremony I had several people ask me for his information!!! Beside Jim providing a officiant service and a ceremony that will NEVER be forgotten (we have friends who bring up how amazing it was every time we see them) he was a blast to have at the wedding as well. The guests had a great time talking with him and Jim was also very helpful in coordinating the ceremony and getting everything organized. I did not have to worry about a thing! We didn't have a rehearsal and Jim was able to make sure everybody knew what was going on and everything went so smoothly, everyone looked great and no one missed a beat. Throughout our time planning the ceremony with Jim, he was so flexible. He tried his best to make his schedule accomodate to ours and also provides a very reasonable cost and it very understanding as well. Overall, I obviously cannot rave enough about Jim Burch. He excelled beyond the hopes we could have ever had for our ceremony and everyone who was there that day will remember the magic!

- Jennifer

Jim Burch is 5 Star all the way. My husband and I are so glad we had Jim as our Officiant. He created a beautiful ceremony. Everyone at our wedding loved him!

- Lacy

From the beginning we had decided that we wanted a service that was both spiritual but not tied to a particular denomination or religion. We wanted more than just a tradition to be practiced. We wanted our personalities to come through. Jim was a perfect fit for us. He provided a great balance between being spiritual but not overbearing with one religion. The process was also painless. We met with Jim and had a pleasant conversation over what we wanted and what he could provide. We loved that there was great balance between being able to customize our ceremony but also not be left to write it in its entirety. He had a great plan where we were able to pick among several choices of how the ceremony would be. We received many, many compliments on our choice of ceremony. In the end, the ceremony was very "US", and that's what we wanted.

- Dalila and Ramiro

Jim, is excellent.. You will not find a nicer, kinder person to work with. Jim, thank you again for all of your wonderful suggestions. Our wedding was perfect.

- Bobby and Thara

Jim Burch was fantastic officiant. As my husband and I planned our wedding we immediately decided that we wanted a no frills type of wedding ceremony. We found Jim through Wedding Wire. He was the only officiant that actually called the house after I had submitted my request. We were very pleased when we had met. He was very warm and you could tell that he is passionate about joining happy couples. He even told us about his own happy marriage which made us even more at ease. He was extremely professional. He was attentive and answered our questions completely. Our wedding ceremony was wonderful. It was short and sweet. He incorporated a little bit of religion and massive amounts of happiness. We were very happy that we had found Jim!

- MrsLestoToBe

Wow! I really can't imagine our wedding without Jim Burch! He was so professional, friendly, and really enjoys what he does. I absolutely loved how he gave us a packet of options, that allowed us to customize our wedding, but not be overwhelmed with how we could make it our own. We talked with other officiants through e-mail, and none of them were right for us. We wanted someone with experience and who could help us have the wedding we dreamed of. Jim Burch was that guy, and he was absolutely one of the best decisions we made when it came to our wedding. I would recommend him to anyone! We still have family calling to say how much they loved him!

- Kris

My husband and I were so happy with the way our ceremony turned out, and it had so much to do with Rev. Jim Burch. We were so excited after meeting with Jim the first time, and relieved to find an officiant that we knew would be a good fit for us. He is so genuine and really loves what he does. He allowed us to have a religious ceremony that was still personal to us. We really appreciated that we were able to guide the way we wanted the ceremony to go. Even though Jim does not attend the rehearsal, which we were a little worried about, it was - as he assured us! - not necessary, and we were very confident the day of the wedding because Jim has performed so many wedding ceremonies. We got several compliments on the ceremony, which was a pleasant surprise. I would definitely recommend Jim for your wedding ceremony!

- Alison

Jim was great and very accommodating to work with. We wanted a church ceremony, but not an overly religious one, and he really fit the bill. We received many comments after the wedding about how his words really touched them, and we are so glad to have had him part of our day!

- Abby

Jim was great! I'm catholic and my husband is Jewish, and although neither of us is religious, we wanted to incorporate some religion/spirituality into our ceremony for ourselves, our families, and especially our grandparents. Jim managed to create a ceremony that simultaneously appealed to our Catholic and Jewish families, while also not feeling dogmatic or stuffy, which is something we felt strongly about. Also, it was a really hot day, and Jim was really good about keeping the ceremony short so everyone could get out of the sun as quickly as possible. I would recommend Jim very highly to anyone, he was responsive, helpful, friendly, and professional throughout.

- Alyssa

Jim was great! He was helpful and made us feel comfortable about our wedding day. Everything went perfectly, just as we knew it would. It was a great ceremony that our family and friends continue to talk about how much they enjoyed it. Our ceremony went off without a hitch, thanks to Rev. Burch!

- Lora and Brian

Jim Burch performed a beautiful ceremony for us. He has done many weddings and has a very good sense about what will work and what will not. He is very organized, and on the first meeting with him it is very easy to get a good sense of what your ceremony will be like. I particularly recommend him for blended families. He did a really nice job of including my seven-year-old step-daughter-to-be in the ceremony - he even had some beautiful vows for the three of us about committing to this new family that took my breath away when I read them. Many of our wedding guests have commented about how touching that was, and I know it meant so much to the three of us. I definitely recommend Jim Burch for an officiant.

- Shannon

I cannot say enough about this wonderful man! I had read his reviews and blog. I thought the cost was high but after meeting the man and talking - I knew he was just what we were looking for. We wanted a ceremony about us, about love and I have never been so pleased. There was a lot of emotion in the room and I thank this wonderful man for helping us to not only share our feelings with each other in a perfect way but also to include those that are special in our life!

- Tammy and Robert

We can't say enough about how much we appreciated this service. I found Jim Burch's site and asked my fiance to take a look at his philosophy - he agreed this reflected our beliefs and feelings. He talked with Jim who suggested officiants for us. The officiants were very responsive, contacting us immediately.

We had a wonderful experience with the officiant we selected, Father Tom. He worked with us to create a ceremony that was perfectly us. We appreciated the great mix of his suggestions and ideas (even and especially the vows, Tom!) - along with his flexibility and eagerness to personalize the ceremony to fit our thoughts, feelings, and personalities. He established relationships of trust and warmth with both my husband me. Though we just met him during the wedding planning process, we felt at the ceremony as though we had known him for years.

Thank you to Jim for creating a site that spoke to us and helping people connect to these great officiants. Thank you to Tom for everything.

- G and Laura

Jim was great to work with. He made it very easy and walked us through the entire ceremony. It made us less nervous not having to worry about if we were doing the right thing at the right time. We would definitely recommend him to others.

- BlissfullyWed2

Jim came highly recommended from our caterer, and we're incredibly lucky we were able to book him for our June 5th wedding. He was coming directly from another service, and we really appreciated his commitment to this job.

We met with Jim multiple times at his house to discuss what we were looking for. He was very flexible and is very confident in what he does. We weren't religious, but knew that we needed to have a religious ¬ceremony in order to have some of our family members come, and that was fine with him. In the end, we received many compliments on the ceremony and my Christian grandmother was very pleased.

The best part of our experience is how organized and experienced Jim is. He gave us a sort of customizable menu for the ceremony and we had a number of options to choose from for readings, vows and other ceremony text. There was no need for a formal rehearsal - he was great at walking us through the whole thing in our meeting right before the wedding and during the ceremony.

I don't think I could ask for a better experience. He understands that when you're planning a wedding, you're busy! And he really simplifies the process. We're really lucky that he could be a part of our wedding day.

- Suzanne

Jim Burch is an amazing officiant. We can not thank him enough for officiating such a lovely ceremony. Our families are multicultural and multi-faith, and Rev. Jim Burch brought our common bond and message to all of our guests. We had a beautiful wedding...we are continuously receiving compliments from family almost five weeks later. I highly recommend Jim Burch!

- Candi

My fiance (now husband) and I used Jim Burch as our officiant for our wedding on May 29, 2010. We booked him almost a year in advance because we knew he had to officiate our wedding. He is enthusiastic and helps to make your ceremony more personal. With his help we were able to choose a ceremony that fit our personalities. He is also very organized and makes you feel at ease the day of. He is very responsive and will always get back to you within the hour or the same day. Our ceremony was beautiful and I know the guests truly enjoyed it. Jim Burch was wonderful and if we did it all over again he would be our officiant again :) Thank you Jim for your beautiful words and making our ceremony a success.

- Turska and Thomas

Great person and made our wedding day amazing!

- lthie002

Jim was so great and easy to work with. He was organized, quick to respond, easy to get ahold of, and incredibly nice. Our families are Roman Catholic and were not thrilled about not having a Roman Catholic officiant but after the ceremony they all came up to us and told us how beautiful the ceremony was and how great Jim was. They loved his message. I would recommend Jim to anyone looking to for an officiant. He's great and I cannot say enough nice things about him!

- Benny and Jay

Jim provided us and everyone at our wedding a beautiful wedding ceremony! Everyone at our wedding had nothing but great things to say about Jim and his work.

- Bride0916

Jim is great and very flexible. My fiance recited his vows in a different language and Jim went right along. He offers great options and allows you to make your service as religious or non religious as you would like. He's affable and funny as well. He met with us a few times to make sure the ceremony was exactly what we wanted.

We won't need him again but if we do a vow renewal we will def. call Jim

- V

To whom it may concern,

While planning the wedding my now wife found Mr. Jim Burch though The Wedding Wire. We meet with Jim and immediately fell in love with him. Always there to answer questions and such a joy to talk to we can not say enough great things about Jim's performance. The ceremony was everything I could ever have hoped for. Jim's obvious experience and genuine heart really shined through for my wife and I. Everyone loved Jim's ability to make you feel at home and at peace. Thank you so much for helping to make our big day as special for everyone there as it was for us.

- Billrines

Jim was PHENOMENAL! I could have never asked for a more meaningful and beautiful ceremony. Jim was not only flexible with our wishes for a special addition to our "symbol exchange" but he delivered the entire ceremony flawlessly and with such enthusiasm!!! He was inclusive of every religion but with keeping our Christian values as well. I cannot say enough about how happy we are that Jim was our officiant. I WILL HIGHLY recommend him to everyone I know looking for an officiant.

- Dawn

This is your passion and it is obvious by the way our ceremony was given. Throughout the planning process and the actual ceremony, they made us feel very comfortable and helped us design a ceremony that fit us. They made our day truly special!

- Zelda

Bonnie and I wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the simply terrific job you did performing our wedding ceremony this past New Years Eve. We could not have been more happy and joyous and inspired by you. Your words and acts not only were heart felt by us but by all of our friends and family who attended and commented on what a wonderful ceremony it was.

From our first meeting with you at your home and all through our subsequent talks, discussions and preparations Bonnie and I knew we had made not only a great decision having you perform our ceremony but had made a special friend in the process. Your kindness and spiritual connection shines through in all that you say and do.

We both absolutely believe that anyone who is planning a wedding ceremony in the future could not help but be as please as we were and will always remember what a special occasion their wedding was by having you conducting their ceremony.

- Philip

Jim Burch was perfect to work with and to do our Ceremony. He let us pick what we wanted and did not want in the Ceremony. His words were truly heartfelt at the Ceremony and all our of guests came up to us telling us how much they enjoyed the service. He was responsive, friendly and laidback. He was the first Officiant we met with and within the first 10 minutes we both knew we wanted to book him because of his personality and you could just tell he got joy from performing weddings. Great Man, Great Officiant, Highly Encourage you to reach out to him because you will not be disappointed.

- Barbara and Dan

Jim did an amazing job. The ceremony was personalized just for us and we received many compliments from our guests. I recommend Jim very highly to everyone!

- Virginia Ann

Hello Jim, Matt & I wanted to say thanks again for making our wedding day as we dreamed. We enjoyed your special touch to our vows and the way you brought our family and friends together. Thanks for accommodating us with the location along the C&O Canal, the date and for providing us with a copy of the readings. The pictures are beautiful and you were extremely easy to communicate and work with. Thank you very much, Jim! Sincerely, the Newlyweds:)

- Michelle

Both of us were extremely happy with Rev Burch's services -- we loved our ceremony and so did our family and friends--many told us they were in tears over how beautiful and moving it was. Rev Burch made our day so very special. We told him what type of ceremony we wanted and he then gave us advice and great ideas to create the perfect ceremony for us. He involved our family and our friends and they felt such a part of a very moving ceremony. Thank you for helping to make our day one we will never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!

- MaryMac

I cannot say enough about Mr. Burch. He was so wonderful! He accommodated us on short notice (a week before our wedding), worked with us on price and truly gave us a beautiful ceremony. He was thoughtful and I would recommend him to any bride to be! :)

- Genevam17

If the perfect officiant came down to two words it would be Jim Burch!

After our 1st meeting, we knew then and there he was the one for us. We did interview a few others since we had already made appointments, but no one can compare to Jim.

That 1st meeting was like dealing with an old friend - we felt comfortable from the moment we sat down and he asked us questions to get to know us and what we were looking for and then he shared with us his thoughts and his process.

Our dealings with Jim were always quite easy and then there was our big day! Sheer PERFECTION!!! Both my husband and I come from different religions as do our families and EVERYONE who attended could not my husband and I come from different religions as do our families and EVERYONE who attended could not stop the compliments about Jim and his service.

- Paul Conklin

We were looking for a non-denominational, but somewhat spiritual ceremony, and my friend recommended Jim. We met with Jim at his home on two occasions. He was very friendly and easy to work with. We liked the fact that he provided a framework for the ceremony, and we could pick and choose the parts that we wanted to include. Although there was no rehearsal, he explained everyone's cues and everything went off without a hitch. We were able to include our children in the ceremony, which was very meaningful to us. Several guests approached us after the wedding and commented on how much they enjoyed Jim's homily. We would definitely recommend Jim.

- Fall09Bride and Mike

Jim was very nice to work with. We liked that he had an easy format for us to choose from and that reduced our stress about having to write vows. The guests commented on what a great homily he gave and how touched they were by his words.

- Lindey and Matt

He provided a very nice ceremony that we loved. We got complements on the ceremony from several friends and family of different spiritual backgrounds. There was a great focus on the love between the two people getting married (because that is the point :) ) It was the perfect length, not too long, not too short.

- Sara and Zachary

He was very insightful and made our big day very special. The bride and groom, our friends/family and guests enjoyed his ceremony and really enjoyed that he included the guests in the ceremony itself. We liked the fact that his ceremony was not overwhelmingly religious. He was very well prepared and easy going and handled all of the details to include day of prep for groom, groomsmen, bridemaids, readers etc. It was a tremendous relief to know we were in good hands for our special day.

- Julie

Jim Burch was a wonderful officiant, we would recommend him to any couple!

- Cara Donahue and Marc

I would recommend Rev. Jim Burch to anyone needing an officiant for a wedding. From the first time I talked to him over the phone, I felt instantly at hme with him as if I had known him for years. That is a very important commodity when planning for a wedding. Our ceremony was beautiful and Rev. Jim Burch even left some of our guests with tears in their eyes.

- Earnestine

Our Officiant was great. He made sure the entire ceremony was all we wanted to be. He made it personal. It wasn't just another ceremony. We do highly recommend him. He was very patient and explained everything with detail.

- Kathy

Reverend Jim Burch provided the most memorable and beautiful ceremony for our wedding. My fiance and I were truly amazed and delighted with the creative and unique ceremony that was customized to reflect our cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs, and our personalities. Our guests at the wedding are still talking about the wonderful message of love that was delivered by Reverend Jim Burch.

In addition, Jim Burch provided great tips prior to the wedding ceremony during the consultation session.

Our wedding was held at the Westin Grand in Washington DC on September 5, 2009. The ceremony was a blend of Catholic and Jewish traditions, with a sprinkle of Korean wedding blessings. It was a unique and very memorable ceremony that was created by Reverend Jim Burch. Thank You Thank You Thank You! We look forward to staying in touch.

- Jamie

Rev. Burch really takes time to customize your wedding ceremony to your requests. Our wedding ceremony is exactly what we were looking for!


We had Rev. Jim Burch officiate our wedding and he was amazing. We received many complements regarding him after the ceremony. He kept it very non-spiritual and short, exactly what we wanted. During the ceremony, even though he was in front of a microphone, he was able to whisper instructions to my husband and I as we went along. He was great with our families when we got together for our "rehearsal" even though frustrations were high. During the rehearsal he was very explicit about where everyone was to stand - our 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen and our parents. However, at the same time, left decisions up to us. He gave suggestions where we asked and offered alternatives to some of the decisions we had already made.

I highly recommend Rev. Jim Burch for any type of ceremony you are looking for because even though he kept ours neutral he has many stories and suggestions for religious ceremonies that he has performed.

- Emily H.

Jim Burch was excellent. He was extremely professional and pleasant to be around. We enjoyed planning our wedding with him, and he also demonstrated an impressive ability to co-officiate with our Rabbi. I would recommend him to anyone looking for someone experienced, efficient, and enjoyable to officiate their wedding.

- Pleased Groom

Jim was perfect in every aspect of our wedding. He met with us and listened to what it was we wanted in our ceremony and fulfilled it completely. He guided us, included the families, and led the ceremony in an efficient and complete manner. The guests at our wedding are still talking about Jim's professionalism and his way of evoking the joyful emotions of the day. We would both recommend him highly.

- Evelyn and Bill

You did an amazing job! We could not ask for a better Offciant. You will always be a big part of our big day.

- natalie047

Jim Burch was very helpful in planning and personalizing our wedding ceremony. His sermon carried a message of love that we felt throughout our wedding congregation. His experience and guidance in planning was indispensable in making it the spiritual ceremony we wanted.

Many of our guests complimented us on choosing Jim as our officiator; and a couple at our wedding chose him to officiate at their wedding. We have nothing but good things to say about Jim's personal attention to our wishes and his helping us to make our wedding truly special.

- George

Jim provided us with amazing advice before the wedding which without a doubt settled some of my nerves, but more importantly he truly showed how important our wedding was to him. Before walking down the aisle Jim came up and talked to me about how things were going to go-this was consistent before the wedding as well with the invitation to call him anytime and his extraordinary flexibility. I would recommend Jim to anyone who wants to get the fullest out of their wedding day. The words he spoke were full of wisdom and love and I could never fully thank him to the extent of what he showed in his professionalism. I will forever be honored to have had him as our officiant.

- Jenn

Jim was extremely helpful during the planning of our ceremony. Initially, we didn't have any ideas of what we wanted to do....Jim provided us many different options and emphasized that this was our day, and ultimately we should do what we want. We decided we wanted to use sand instead of a unity candle and Jim helped us incorporate it into our ceremony. He was willing to drive out to The Plains for the ceremony. He listened to our concerns and wishes and helped us put together the perfect ceremony. Our wedding day was perfect!

- Mindy

Jim Burch exceeded our expectations by leaps and bounds. Not only did he make the service romantic and memorable but his message seemed to reach everyone in our diverse audience. He was professional, kind, and exuded a calming effect on myself and my bride during the start of the ceremony (an extremely nervous time). "5 stars" simply wouldn't do the man justice.

- Cadence and Anthony

Jim helped make our day perfect, even with the rain! Many people told me afterwards how much they enjoyed the ceremony and what Jim had to say.

- kpusey

We had a wonderful ceremony from Rev. Jim. Many of our guest shared with us after the ceremony and even days after the wedding how much they enjoyed our ceremony. Everyone felt very welcomed and did not feel like he was preaching at them. We are glad we went with him. We received many complements regarding him after the ceremony. He kept it very non-spiritual and short, exactly what we wanted. During the ceremony, even though he was in front of a microphone, he was able to whisper instructions to my husband and I as we went along.

I highly recommend Rev. Jim Burch for any type of ceremony you are looking for.

- lni

From the first contact with Rev Burch (he likes to be called Jim:-) he was very professional but warm. He answered my email right away and offered to meet with my husband and I to discuss what kind of ceremony we wanted. One of the best things I liked about Jim was he gave us very good suggestions and let us know through his own experiences why we would want to consider different options.

I was amazed that it only took him 10 min to get all the folks in our wedding party briefed and feeling confident walking down the aisle for us! Everyone remarked that it was the best wedding ceremony they had every witnessed.

I am so glad we chose Jim! I highly recommend him to any couple looking for a sincere, warm, experienced pastor!

Thank you!

- HappilyEverAfter

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Reverend Jim. He was very personable and kind and even invited us to his home for an informal meeting to get to know us prior to performing the ceremony. He provides a variety of sample readings and formats so that each wedding he performs is uniquely tailored to the tastes of the bride and groom. Reverend Jim was patient and gave a detailed deion of how the ceremony would be performed so that there were no surprises or uncomfortable moments. It quickly became clear to us that he genuinely enjoys performing wedding ceremonies and is sure to give each couple the same attention he gave us.

- Mary

Jim was excellent and I would HIGHLY recommend him!!!! We could not of been happier with our ceremony, all of our guests commented on how great he was too. The ceremony was unique and special and most importantly truly represented us. He is a lovely man that helped make our day perfect!!! We were so happy that we told him to use us as references- he is truly a gem!!

- Melissa and Matt

Reverand Burch did a wonderful job for our wedding. He was extremely comfortable to work with and very responsive and respectful of our preferences and views.

- Joan

Rev. Jim Burch officiated our wedding and it was nothing less than incredible. His ceremony is not overly religious but yet enough to truly feel your wedding is blessed by God and all that is good. We felt the warmth and love generated in the room because of what he was saying. Everyone present hung on to every word he said--and it made sense!--a true difference from so many wedding ceremonies we all attend. He talked of the MEANING of love and the PURPOSE of it--something that is not often covered, or at least understandably communicated, in many weddings. I met Jim prior to deciding on him and I knew right away that he was the right person for the role--the one who really plays the biggest role in your wedding if you think about it (it wouldn't happen without him!). We made the right choice. I HIGHLY recommend Jim to anyone who wants a memorable wedding-he is the best.

- Erin and Christos

My wife and I had a catholic/jewish ceremony so we had to find a priest and rabbi that would be sensitive to both religions and traditions without accidentally upsetting any particular group.

Jim did an excellent job for us and we got many rave reviews. He focused more on the values and reasons why we were there and gve a beautiful homily speech.

As someone who's gone to many weddings of friends, you tend to forget some of the details such what you ate, type of cake, and what the priest says. In this particular case, my wife and I still get comments on how good of a message Jim gave to everyone at our wedding.

As for the other logistics, we was very flexible with his time when we wanted to meet and help work with us on outlining the different parts of the ceremony. Jim also took all of our comments to heart while providing feedback from his experience.

We would highly recommend him to any wedding ceremony.

- Apollowol5

Rev. Jim was extremely accommodating, flexible, friendly and non-judgmental. He was very organized and went out of his way to accommodate us in Gainesville, VA even though he had a wedding scheduled in Baltimore an hour after our ceremony. He was not only the officiant of our wedding but also the officiant of our friends wedding the previous year. Both ceremonies were great! He made us feel comfortable and made everything very easy. When you have so many other things to do, it's nice to be guided a little and that's exactly what he did.

- Corinne and cbpoac

We interviewed two other Officiants and had actually selected one before we meet with Reverend Burch. For some reason, I just kept coming back to his ad and just had a feeling we might miss something if we didn't contact him. Boy was I right. We met with Reverend Burch and not only did he offer the type of ceremony we wanted, he asked us lots of questions and we were able to put our on "spin" on it. I'm Baptist and my husband is Catholic. However, I really felt strongly that it should lean in more of a Catholic direction and Reverend Burch gave us just the blend that worked. Our meetings with him were well directed and informative. He provided us with all the documentation we needed and the service was wonderful. We STILL get compliments on our wedding ceremony; in particular Reverend Jim's Homily. It was great having someone who listened, was a complete professional and most of all added to our day instead of detracting from it. My husband and I whole-heartedly recommend Reverend Jim. He was a big part of what made our day special.

- CM Capece

Jim was gracious and very accommodating. He was great about incorporating our wishes and requests into the ceremony and was really good about guiding us through the whole process. We'd certainly use him again if we were renewing our vows!

- Jennifer

I've known Reverend Burch from the wedding business for many years so when it was time to ask someone to officiate my own wedding ceremony, I knew there was no other choice. He really bent backwards and went above and beyond to make our ceremony special for us and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

- theunbride

Jim was a fantastic Officiant. Very warm and cordial. His service was heartwarming and enlightening. We had numerous people come up to us after the wedding and had such wonderful things to say about the service and Jim in particular. It was fantastic.

- Thomas

We highly recommend Jim Burch to couples seeking an excellent Officiant. From the first phone conversation to delivering an exceptional sermon on our wedding day, Jim Burch was fantastic! Jim was very flexible with his schedule and was very accessible when we had questions to ask him. He always returned our e-mails and phone calls promptly and provided excellent guidance and advice right up until he took his position and delivered his sermon.

When our ceremony concluded, Jim remained in our company for a short while and we introduced him to several of our guests. After Jim's departure, many of our guests had lovely things to say about the touching sermon Jim delivered and how it conveyed his warm and caring personality.

Thank you, Jim for making our special day even more memorable.

- S&K2008

Reverend Jim Burch did an exception job presiding our wedding ceremony.

- Johane

We would highly recommend Rev. James Burch to anyone looking for a slightly non-traditional and more inclusive wedding ceremony.

- Paul

My husband and I are not active in a church and not extremely religious, and I opposed a church wedding as I felt it would be hypocritical, despite the wishes of family. It was extremely important that I had a ceremony that suited our outlook on religion, but didn't disrespect the beliefs of my very religious grandmother.

We spoke to a few officiants but easily settled on Jim Burch after one discussion. Before even getting into the ceremony details, he asked us about ourselves, our families, where we met, if/how religion was included in our childhood, if it is included now. I never felt that he was judging us, it was simply to understand the type of ceremony that best fit us.

Using his guidance, we were able to build a ceremony that reflected what we envisioned, all the way down to his attire. For each section of the ceremony, he presented options for us to review and select, allowing us to control the level of religious influence. He provided suggested Readings but left the option open to choose anything we could find. I never felt pressure to choose one way over another. The one piece that we did not choose was his "talk on love", as he called it (I thought of it as similar to a Homily for those that are familiar). I had only a general idea of what he was going to say, but his actual talk could not have been more appropriate. Several people complimented us on the ceremony, but there were two that stood out. Two separate people, neither of whom are religious nor particularly close to me, came to me to say that they really enjoyed it. A distant cousin said "I usually don't even like weddings but this was really nice". I was SO pleased to get that type of response, especially from people I expected to just zone out. Maybe it's a canned talk, but I'd like to think that by asking us all of those questions at our first meeting, he was formulating a message that we would stand behind and that each of our guests could take something away from.

He did not participate in the rehearsal (which was more about walking in and walking out), but did block everything out during our final meeting with him. I was a bit concerned about remembering everything, but he reassured us that he would be able to guide us when the time came. During the actual ceremony he was able to whisper instructions to us without anyone really noticing.

It was a really great experience working with Jim, and we were thrilled that our guests enjoyed our wedding as much as we did.

- Nadia

Jim Burch was our officiant and he was exactly what we were looking for. We are an interfaith couple that wanted to have a spiritual ceremony, but since he is Jewish and I am Catholic we knew that having it in a synagogue or Catholic church was out of the question. We also only wanted one person to do the ceremony (not a rabbi and a priest). Jim Burch was the perfect solution. He made everything really easy and even gives you basically a booklet and you can create exactly the kind of ceremony that you want, it is really great!

- Brandi0809 and Aaron

Reverend Jim Burch was an outstanding officiant at our wedding. We met with him several times to prepare for the big day and he did an excellent job at putting us at ease about the ceremony. He truly understands how overwhelming a wedding is and as a result he manages the ceremony with such efficiency that it becomes an easy check off the list. My wife and I were confident he would lead a wonderful ceremony and he delivered just that. We had numerous people give us compliments on how great the ceremony was and asked us for his contact information. We would recommend him to anyone looking for an officiant in the DC Met area.

- Farhim

Rev. Jim was a great officiant. My husband and I are religious, but because of the length of time an annulment takes we were unable to have a church wedding. We both wanted a religious feel to our ceremony without the church and the mass and Rev. Jim offered that to use. After our first meeting he sent us home with a well organized packet of information with many options for us to choose from. We really felt like we were choosing our ceremony.

- Kristin Brunner

Reverend Burch knew exactly what we wanted and provided it for a very reasonable cost. Our guests were fascinated by his sermon which wove theories of science and love together with religion; it really spoke to our more religious guests as well as those of us who are not very observant (including both of us). He even helped us when it came to organizing the procession and recession. He's a great officiant for a young couple, and we'd recommend him to anyone looking for a meaningful, but succinct service.

- Eli

Jim was excellent. He truly listen to us and helped to make our ceremony exactly what we wanted. Ours is a blended family and Jim was very open to including our children in the ceremony. Many of our guests complimented Jim's message and the beauty of the ceremony. We highly recommend him.

- Susan

Reverend Burch was a wonderful choice for our wedding officiant and my husband and I were so pleased with both the preparation for, and the performance of, our ceremony. He was very attentive to our specific needs and made suggestions to our initial ideas that helped us make the right choices for the ceremony. He offered so many choices to customize the ceremony and was very supportive of the final design. He was professional in every way, from the number of planning meetings we had with him prior to the wedding, all the way to the final day in which he performed a beautiful and memorable ceremony. The value of his services, especially for the number of times we met or discussed details via phone or email, was incomparable. He was also flexible when it came to his willness to work with another officiant, as we had an inter-faith ceremony and wanted both religious sides represented, and he did an excellent job of incorporating the other officiant's ideas with his own. They worked together seamlessly and the results showed that he had put much time into developing the ceremony as we had envisioned it. We had many comments from family and friends after the wedding that it had been such a touching ceremony that really showed the personalities of my husband and I. Choosing the reverend as our officiant was one of the most satisfying choices we made during the long and sometimes tedious wedding planning process.

- LisaBurg

His services allowed our wedding to go off without a hitch. He was a wonderful officiant and we appreciate all he did, especially the day of.

- Joseph

Interfaith marriages can be challenging to officiate. Jim was able to get past the religion aspect of it and concentrate on a message of love. Many of my family members were so touched by his message that they came up to me after the wedding to tell me how fantastic he was. Jim was not only great to work with the day of the wedding, but he was also very supportive and helpful during the days leading up to the big day.

- Kate3467

It was an honor to have Rev James H. Burch officiate our wedding. I read his reviews before we chose him and then met him in person & we didn't need to meet with any one else! This man performed a most magical & memorable ceremony for us. Rev Burch gives you the opportunity to have a great deal of input in the planning of your ceremony and, then, he treated us & our guests to a very moving & magnificent wedding ceremony. The man is indeed phenomenal. Definitely book him if he's available.

- Kenny & Jessica (aka P-Jad)

Reverend Jim Burch was great to work with. We had a very specific tone in mind for the officiating of our ceremony and Jim was very responsive and accommodating. He gave us some helpful suggestions for our ceremony that included biblical references, literature and poetry that we were able to draw from to come up with the right balance of spiritual and religious that we were looking for. He is personable and even provided some light humor on our special day. Overall we were very pleased with his services!

- Mrs. Dryfoos

Less than a month before the wedding, my family parish's priest backed out of the wedding in order to teach a class. I frantically searched wedding websites, yellow pages, and google calling just about everyone since it would be hard to get an officiant at that short notice during lent.

Enter Jim Burch. He was caring and just downright nice. So much so that we booked at our first meeting.

At the ceremony, his sermon resonated with so many guests. It was lively, optimistic, and his excitement was infectious.

In short, something that started out disastrous (the original priest backing out) ended up much better than it would have been originally. Jim's ceremony was amazing and created memories we'll always cherish.

- vthokie2002

We were very happy with Rev Burch. He spent a good deal of time with us, listening to our "story" and our wishes for the ceremony, as well as sharing his experiences with us. It turned out great and we received many compliments from our guests!

- WillowLove

Jim Burch was a wonderful officiant. Many of our guests commented on what a beautiful ceremony he preformed. My husband and I loved how personalized the ceremony could be. He did a great job and I would highly recommend him!

- Jennifer

Highly recommend. Wedding Ceremony.org found an officiant that was perfect for our wedding. Wedding Ceremony.org is a service that refers brides and grooms to officiants at the wedding site of your choice. They can customize the ceremony to be more or less religious as you'd like. Our officiant met with us and performed a very personal ceremony that everyone raved about.

- Jennifer

From the moment we met Reverend Burch, we knew we had found the right person to marry us. He is a true professional, prepared with a model to follow. His model is the framework for the ceremony and supports all the flexibility you could ask for to make your ceremony exactly what you envision. Jim was responsive to emails and phone calls. But that stuff is expected from a seasoned professional. The bonus was that he followed through with a ceremony that we ABSOLUTELY LOVED and WILL NOT FORGET. All the guests (friends and family) truly appreciated his unique style and custom tailored ceremony which had special features to acknowledge those who were deceased and involve those in attendance.

We strongly urge you to consider Jim Burch, who has a strong catholic background with a new age influence making him a perfect vessel to bridge traditional and cutting edge faith in God.

Consider Jim Burch seriously. We were very happy that we did!

- ampi

Our wedding was beautiful and everyone loved our officiant, Rev. Jim Burch. He was super personable and worked well for both of our families who are different religions. Definitely worth what you pay for.

- furtadolisa

Jim was a great asset to our wedding. He brought a friendly vibe & great spiritual aspect to the ceremony without getting too religious. We followed his suggestions and we were incredibly happy with our wedding. Pretty much everyone came up to us afterwards and remarked on the ceremony, as well as the vows. They thought we had written them ourselves, but we had simply selected from his pre-written options. SCORE! He was very friendly and explained his reasoning for everything upfront. We would recommend Jim to others if you're looking for a unique wedding ceremony that is meaningful and not too religious.

- tkiefhab

Jim was very responsive to my phone calls and e-mails. He has a thoughtful, professional, and organized approach to his work. He patiently went through the steps of the ceremony with us. We are not Christian, and he made sure to customize our ceremony to suit our needs and desires. He also gave us a written copy of our ceremony to keep as a nice memento.

- babypanda821

As an interfaith couple, we had a difficult time finding an officiant that could represent both faiths. Jim allows you to tailor your ceremony to your beliefs, your life, and that is amazing. We were so pleased that our ceremony reflected us. He is brief, reliable, and just a nice guy as well! Overall, he was great and I would recommend him to any couple.


I would love to recommend Jim to any couple. He is an experienced pastor! His service created a romantic memory for us. Many of our guests loved him!

- edavi

We were truly blessed to find you! Thank you!!! It was a beautifully customized wedding ceremony that really felt like us! We loved all the audience interaction that compelled them to actively listen and participate. Yes!!! This is exactly what we wanted. This wasn't just something that happened to the bride and groom and everyone else dozed off...but rather something beautiful that we all collectively participated in and felt in our hearts!

- Tymia & Dwayne

Our wedding took place on May 2010 and Father Jim Burch of weddingceremony.org officiated our ceremony. Father Jim was extremely easy to talk to; upon our first meeting with him we knew right away that he was the officiant for us. He was very responsive through email and made us feel at ease with all that is involved with planning a wedding. Father Jim reminded us exactly why we were getting married....because of the love we have for each other. It was definitely felt throughout the homily, readings, vows, EVERYTHING. Thank you, Father Jim, for your heartfelt message on love and marriage; AND for officiating our wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony; thank you for sharing it with us.

- Shelina and Dan

My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better officiant than Jim! When we first met him, after speaking with him for 5 minutes, we knew he was the one. He makes you feel incredibly comfortable and is so easy to talk to. And even though we lived two states away, he was flexible and worked around our schedules and was open to talking on the phone instead of meeting if need be. What a huge help! As for the ceremony, it was beautiful. He made it so special for us, our families, and friends. He tailored it to our relationship with each other and all the guests. Everyone came up to us afterwards and commented on how great he was and how they loved the way he conducted the ceremony. We recommend him to everyone!

- Amanda

Jim was great and I would highly recommend him. My husband and I are both Catholic but wanted to have an outdoor wedding. Jim was the perfect fit and he really appealed to the large Catholic crowd we had at our ceremony. My MOH's mother, who is VERY Catholic, thought that Jim's sermon was the best she had ever heard.

- AliG711

Very valuable service. Highly recommended for any new couple!

- Dong

I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my wedding ceremony, which was performed by Rev. Burch. He was a complete professional and made the planning of our ceremony easy and stressless. I appreciate all of the extra work he put into making sure everything turned out exactly how my husband and I wanted it. I would highly recommend this vendor to anyone planning a wedding.

- Kim

Beautiful and unique ceremony! We got compliments for months on our wedding ceremony. That's not one of things that we expected compliments on, to be frank. It involved the guests, it was very inspirational, and the greatest thing is that it was tailored just for us. And, without any more time spent on our part than we really wanted to spend. He's got it down! He created a ceremony for us that was both modern and traditional without too many traditional religious overtones. But, it did touch on our religious beliefs, and was very spiritual. Perfectly catered to us!!

- Kellys1015

Jim was very responsive and great to work with. I would highly recommend.

- Rodrigo

Thank you, Jim! You are wonderful ~~~

- Sabrina

Reverend Jim Burch put on a beautiful ceremony for us, with plenty of room for us to customize and engage our guests so it felt like our own. He's perfect if your marriage will involve blended faiths, or even blended levels of faith. Everyone loved his sermons and we loved working with him. He was more expensive than the other officiants we were looking at but it was totally worth it!

- MrsBerry09

Meeting Jim as the first meeting was like sitting down with an old friend and very comfortable. He understood the joining of two religions into the ceremony. He provided suggestions during our planning and everything went just perfect. Our guests just raved about his unique service and thought it was one of the nicest services they had attended. I thought he also provided great suggestions on how to include children from previous marriages into the service. That meant a lot to my son. We were so pleased with his service I would highly recommend him to everybody.

- Linda

Jim Burch was the officiant for our wedding and we really enjoyed getting to know him. Both he and his wife are very personable (the meetings are usually held at his house) and they felt like old friends of ours by the time the wedding rolled around. Our meetings were relaxed and enjoyable and we knew he was the man for us immediately after our first meeting. My husband and I had a lot in common with Jim and his wife, as we were embarking on the blended family adventure, just like they did many years ago.

Neither my husband nor I are very religious, so we were looking for someone who was likeable and easy-going, but also someone who could infuse our ceremony with some general religious and spiritual aspects and Jim did just that. We liked the worksheets that he has developed for couples, it was a great way to see the ceremony laid out in order and Jim was pretty flexible on changing or adding certain elements to the initial plan. We picked one original reading (off the list) and we also asked him to incorporate our kids into the ceremony, which was very touching. When he talked about our children and all of us becoming part of a new family, there was barely a dry eye in the house. (Except for my 2 year-old who was still fascinated with the petals in her flower girl basket!) …

Jim was very professional and is a super-nice guy. His rates were reasonable and competitive in the area. In sum, we would definitely recommend Jim as an officiant, especially if you are looking for a less strict and more relaxed kind of ceremony, I believe Jim officiates for couples of many different religions. He is easy to work with and he will completely put you at ease on your wedding day, which is great because it is much easier to relax and enjoy the day when you know there is a friendly face ready to help you out at any point during the ceremony!

- Kauai2k8

We had such a wonderful experience with Jim as our officiant. During our first meeting we knew he was the perfect person to conduct our ceremony. We wanted a spiritual ceremony as opposed to religious, but also wanted some Christian and Jewish elements. Jim knew exactly how to compile everything together and our ceremony was absolutely flawless. Jim is so easy to talk to and work with. We had our first meeting at his home to go over what we were looking for and what we wanted. He had so many options to choose from and we were able to choose the ceremony that was perfect for us. We also wanted to really incorporate our families into the ceremony and we loved how Jim was able to do that. He offered some wonderful readings for our readers and was just an absolute pleasure to work with. Now, he is not a huge email user. He prefers to speak with you directly on the phone, but with that said, he will literally pull his car over and talk to you about your ceremony. We had so many people come up to us and tell us how much they enjoyed Jim and how wonderful his talk on love was during the ceremony, and how he really involved everyone. Jim is absolutely wonderful and we definitely recommend having him conduct your ceremony.

- Laurel

We really enjoyed having Jim being the officiant at our wedding. We got many compliments on how nice the ceremony was. We loved that we could customize the ceremony the way we wanted it to be. He was very easy to work with and extremely personable.

- Elizabeth

Jim was great. He listened to what we had to say and gave us guidelines to help shape our wedding to what we wanted. If any problems arose he was quick to fix them!

- Anastasia

Rev. Burch was very warm and thoughtful in his ceremony preparation and in the delivery of the service for us. He made it feel very personal and special.

- Stephanie

Jim was terrific! I (the groom) am Jewish and my bride is catholic so we had to accommodate both families and traditions. Jim took the time to understand what the families wanted from our ceremony and which traditions we wanted to perform. He then had great suggestions from his previous experiences to share with us. His ceremony was just as we expected without any surprises. Many of our guests had positive comments after the ceremony about Jim. We were very happy with our choice and would recommend Jim to anyone getting married.

- BrianB

Rev. Jim performed a unique and fun ceremony, nicely tailored to my wife and I (she's somewhat religious, and I'm not). Jim's inclusive approach was palatable to all. If you're looking for a spiritual ceremony that isn't dogmatic or traditional/stuffy, I recommend him.

- Jefferson