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$195 Garden Venue and Great Officiant

A Beautiful Location

A wonderful garden setting with a beautiful vista of the forest, very private and memorable. When the weather is inclement, you have your option of the sun room (with its same views of the forest) or the room with the fireplace (especially in winter months!).

The Most & Best Reviewed Individual Officiant on the Web

Jim Burch has more individual reviews in the Washington, DC region than any other officiant on the web (check them out here: https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/weddingceremony-org-jim-burch-clifton/4bf64adec1185e7a.html) 

or here:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/vk29taqxz3lk5cd/Thank%20yous.doc?dl=0

"That was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!" is what we hear most often. Jim has officiated over 2,500 weddings, and his goal is that the next one (yours!) will be the best yet!

Call Jim and set your wedding right now

All Jim needs is a half hour notice to arrange a time for your ceremony at his Wedding Garden. If you want to lock in your time, call Jim at 703-818-8080 and reserve your time and date. 

That's 703-818-8080,

or fill in the Contact Page and hit send.

What a Beautiful Wedding!

A personal, memorable and joyful ceremony, 

in a really beautiful location,

for only $195!

There are quite a few couples who either cannot afford a large wedding, or who, for so many reasons, wish to marry quickly. In addition to the bigger, more frequent types of weddings in larger venues, Jim Burch has been officiating weddings in his home for many years. This works fine with no guests or just a few guests, because his home is very comfortable. Recently, Jim has completely reworked his back yard, and now it is worthy of weddings for those who want something special. 

Jim invites you - who want a smaller, less expensive wedding (but still personal and wonderful) - to use his home or his Garden Wedding site for your wedding free of charge when you hire him to officiate ... for only $195. You may bring UP TO 8 GUESTS besides yourselves.

You just set a time with Jim, and then show up with your license. (A Virginia marriage license can be obtained in any Circuit Court in any county in Virginia - good in the whole state - in about 20 minutes time, and it is valid immediately; the Virginia license costs $30.) Jim will create the ceremony based on the talk you and he have when you call.

No matter what you pay for your wedding, you want it to be great ... memorable, making sense, and full of the love you share with each other. Jim does that very well. Take a look at some of the thank you letters he has received for officiating weddings: www.dropbox.com/s/vk29taqxz3lk5cd/Thank%20yous.doc?dl=0. 

Jim is a personable and studious ordained priest, with a sense of humor and more than 2,500 weddings so far (who wants the next one - yours! - to be the BEST YET). He is very certain that Divinity loves everybody equally and unequivocally. Whether you want nothing to do with the concept of "God" (burned out, don't believe the stories, or maybe you see too many judgmental religious people, etc., etc.) or perhaps you are deeply religious ... or are somewhere in between - Jim has something to say to and for you. If you look carefully at those thank you letters, you will see that Jim can touch you with words and a ceremony that will have you feeling the love you share ... that day and for many years to come. He is honored to do so.