Something Personal & Special (up to 8 guests) for only $295

Your Very Private, Very Personalized Ceremony


If you want a quiet, personal ceremony, followed by a larger party for your guests elsewhere, this is the perfect option. Come to Jim Burch's Wedding Garden, designed especially for just the couple and/or a few guests.

Just for YOU TWO! ... and, perhaps, a very few guests


You may not be into the grand wedding where you are the "stars." You may wish for something more private, where the two of you can feel your love without all eyes on you. Or maybe just your parents or a few really good friends.

A ceremony you will remember your whole life!


Perhaps you are a couple who does not cherish 100 or so people watching you say your vows. That's perfect. There is this way to have your perfect, private ceremony without all that. For some, that is much more memorable! 

Up to 8 guests


If you want just your parents or a couple of close friends, you can have up to 8 guests as well.

Use the Sun Room for Inclement Weather


On those rare days when the weather is too rainy, too hot, too cold or just too nasty, feel free to choose the Sun Room, with its large windows looking at the same views. In some respects, just as good as being outside.

... or by the fireplace in the den


Nothing like standing by the fire on a wintry day! This is at your option as well.

Personal and Private Certainly Isn't Expensive

Only $295 when you use Jim's beautiful venue, and only $295 when he goes to you at another location in downtown DC or Northern Virginia.  Last minute is just fine, as long as Jim is not already booked. 

All Jim usually needs is a half hour notice to arrange a time and to type up your personalized ceremony and other documents he will give you. If you want to lock in your time, call Jim at 703-818-8080 and reserve your time and date. 

The Most & Best Reviewed Individual Officiant on the Web

Jim Burch has more individual reviews in the Washington, DC region than any other officiant on the web 

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"That was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!" is what we hear most often. Jim has officiated over 2,600 weddings, and his goal is that the next one (yours!) will be the best yet!