Marriage During the Coronavirus Quarantines


Get Married SAFELY during the Coronavirus Quarantine

 During the Coronavirus outbreak, I will officiate your religious or non-religious (and beautiful!) wedding. My goal is to make certain that you can feel the love you share DURING the ceremony, and that you are healthy and safe enough to have a bigger wedding with family and friends later, if you wish. 

We have ways to do this protectively right, as we do not want to, in any way, spread the coronavirus. So we are set up to conduct your wedding under healthy protective guidelines (See Note # 1, below). 

This may not be the complete wedding or your dreams ... but it WILL come pretty close because of its beautiful location, the beauty of the ceremony, and your love for each other. AND you can still have that dream wedding later, if you wish. This would take care of the legal aspect of getting married. You could celebrate with family and friends – the social and community gathering to acknowledge your togetherness, a very “spiritual” moment – at a later date when the virus worries are all over. Just two parts of one occasion, with a hiatus in between. 

By the way, separating the “legal” portion of a wedding from the “spiritual” or “family and friends” portion happens about 7% or 8% of the time, all the time, with a great many weddings. For example, it happens when one partner is in the military and going overseas on assignment. It happens when one partner has a medical condition, and they together want the better medical coverage for the sick partner that the other has. It happens when a baby is on the way, and the couple wants the child to have a recognizable father. It could certainly happen because of the danger of spreading the coronavirus. There are many, many reasons for having a legal wedding, and then later a ceremonial gathering of family and friends to avow and support your being together.

It would be better if this particular ceremony would be just for the two of you (coronavirus awareness, you know …). But if you each want to bring along a guest or two (Parents? Children?), we could accommodate them, always trying to keep 6 feet away from each other in this outdoor setting. 

You can get married outside at my beautiful Clifton, VA garden for $195.

See PHOTOS of the Wedding Garden just below this section. 

The only other cost would be $30 for the marriage license from a Virginia court.

How to Get Your Marriage License in these Tough Times

If this notice is still up, we have not heard about the Virginia Circuit Courts being closed (and we constantly check). However, in these strange times, one never knows ... so, if you want to get married soon, you should do it NOW. In other words, presently you may still apply for a marriage license in Virginia (coronavirus or not): by both of you going together (with your drivers’ licenses in hand, or some other form of government-issued photo ID) to the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Alexandra, Arlington, Fairfax (Fairfax City), Loudoun (Leesburg), Prince William (Manassas), Fauquier (Warrenton), or any other jurisdiction. The hours vary, but all are at least open until 4 pm, and it is better to get there a half hour before closing. You can get your license within 20 minutes, and it is valid immediately for only 60 days (then it expires, and you would need to get another one, if you had not used the original one). You do NOT have to be a resident of Virginia to get a license to marry in Virginia, but that license would only be valid IN Virginia.

Please be aware that the District of Columbia Marriage Bureau is CLOSED presently, and there is no way you can get a license to be married in Washington, DC. If you are a DC resident and you want to get married, I suggest you drive out to Virginia and be married here. (Easy) The DC Marriage Bureau does not know when it will open again.

Here are the Steps to get Married in Virginia right now, safe from coronavirus:

1.  Call Rev. Jim Burch at 703-818-8080 and set up a prepaid ($195 by debit or credit card thru the online Venmo app), scheduled appointment for a simple, legal, couple-only ceremony to be celebrated in a beautiful outdoor garden.

2.  Before your appointment with Jim, apply in person for the marriage license in any Circuit Court clerk’s office in the state of Virginia (that license is valid in the entire state, and costs $30.00 cash). You can usually get a Virginia license to marry in about 20 minutes, and it is valid immediately.

3.  Come to Jim’s home in Clifton (See Note 2, below), walk around the right side of the house to the back yard (to eliminate indoor gatherings), and the ceremony will take place in Jim’s picturesque garden, designed for weddings. The ceremony will take about 15 minutes, to be certain that it is memorable without being burdensome. Virtually every couple says this is the most beautiful ceremony they have ever seen, much less been a part of.

4.  If it rains, or there is otherwise inclement weather, the wedding would be postponed to the next non-rainy day. (UNLESS, you would prefer to drive to a roofed (with open walls, for coronavirus safety) location several miles away, or any other mutually-agreed-upon location in metro Virginia; this would cost a fee of $295 (instead of the usual $195, if you came to his home. You should let Jim know this as soon as possible so that you can mutually make arrangements. 

5) Give your certificate to Jim. After the ceremony, he will sign that document, and mail it to the court in the next mail. 

6) If you want certified copies of this marriage certificate (a “license” becomes a “certificate” after it is signed by the court and your officiant) you may mail a request in a self-addressed envelope, usually using the form you will have gotten when you get your license, together with your check for as many certified copies as you want (they cost $2.50 each at the court).

7.  Jim will also sign your ceremonial copy of the marriage license and give that to you then.

8.  If you wish, Jim will take some photos of you both and email them to you, or he can use your camera (or phone) with no need for emailing.

Some of the Other Nitty-Gritty

Wedding payments are all done by Venmo app on your phone. Jim’s “Venmo name” is                @James-Burch-10  If you don’t have a Venmo app, you can download it ( There is no fee for any Venmo payment or download.

Everything can be done the same day within a morning or afternoon. No waiting. No blood test required. No witness needed. No divorce decree, no birth certificate, no passport required. No out-of-the-ordinary documents are needed to get your marriage license in Virginia, only a government-issued photo ID. However, always call Jim Burch and set the time for your wedding service that is mutually convenient. There is no other way to guarantee that he will be available.

Notes from above:

(1)   No one will go indoors, to preclude close contact. Couples (and any guests) call to tell Jim you are just about there, then walk around the right side of the house (looking from the street) to the garden in the rear with scenic distance views, and a patio in the forest designed for small weddings. All guests will stand at least 6 feet from the officiant, and from each other as they wish. Payment will already have been taken care of through the Internet app, Venmo ( Jim will sign the papers and drop them in the next mail. You will be official when the court gets the document and records it!

(2) Jim's home is in the Clifton/Centreville area, not far off of I-66. GPS finds it easily. 13419 Cavalier Woods Drive, Clifton, VA 20124.

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Jim Burch is the most reviewed and the best reviewed individual officiant on the Web                           from the Washington, DC region. 

Check over 500 of those reviews here: 

or here:

"That was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen!" is what we hear most often. Jim has officiated over 2,600 weddings, and his goal is that the next one (yours!) will be the best yet!

(this is a sample review by Morganne, married on August 31, 20198/31/19:)   I am so thankful my husband and I found Jim to officiate our wedding. Neither of us are particularly religious, so we did not have a pastor/priest that many couples go to when they start to plan their wedding. We were open about our views with Jim and not only was he completely respectful, but he truly exceeded our expectations during the ceremony. Everything was thoughtful and rooted in the meaning of marriage and love, and he was so well-spoken. Every single one of our wedding guests said how great he was and many even said it was the best ceremony they had ever been to. Some officiants can be boring or monotone, or speak to things that are not important to the couple, so I realize how nerve wracking searching for an officiant can be. I promise that Jim is not of these things, and you will be so glad that you chose him. We highly highly recommend.

About Jim's Ceremonies


A Celebration of Joy and Love with your Guests

Here's what we hear all the time: 

"That was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen!" 

You will probably say that too.

Spiritual or religious or neither, devout or not, 

agnostic or scientific in approach, 

Jim will fit the words to YOUR beliefs ...

because Love is our most defining human characteristic.

To contact Jim,

fill our the form on the contact page,

or call him at (703) 818-8080


Jim has officiated over 2,600 weddings at virtually every top wedding venue in the metro DC area

His goal is that the next one (yours) should be the best yet!

Jim is an ordained officiant/priest who understands that Divinity loves everybody equally and unequivocally. His ceremony honors every and all spiritual perspectives (or none), and uses language that fits you and your guests (yes ... atheists and agnostics included, because love makes us all one). Your great desire for your wedding ceremony is that you can feel the love that the two of you share, and that your guests can feel it also. That's Jim's goal also, and it works. He fits the ceremony to you by your choosing the selections you want in each section, and by fitting the words and concepts to you and your guests.


Check out this great 7 minute video, in which Jim officiates Jenny and Sammy's wedding at the Omni Shoreham in Washington, DC

a sampling of Jim's (over 500) Thank You Letters

We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful, beautiful ceremony that you most thoughtfully performed for us!  Not only do we continue to talk about it, but our guests were also particularly touched by it.  The words and philosophy were so beautiful and touching!  We couldn’t believe how perfectly it matched us and our lives ... it was as if we were speaking our hearts during the ceremony.  Everyone thought it was the most beautiful, intimate and loving ceremony they’d ever witnessed!  We agree wholeheartedly!    

-  Renee and John


Andrew and I received so much good feedback about you on our wedding day as well as afterwards.  People thought your homily was beautiful and that you did a wonderful job as officiant of our wedding.  We both know we made the right choice when we met you.  Even though you do so many weddings we felt you gave our ceremony its own special touch.  

- Andrew and Margaret


Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding ceremony recently. It turned out just the way we envisioned and our families couldn’t be more pleased.  I feel that your philosophy really helped to unite both the religious and non-religious guests at our wedding.  Your experience and care really made a difference in our trust and peace of mind. 

-  Celia and Steve


We can’t even come close to thanking you enough for the beautiful, loving ceremony you conducted on our wedding day.  With all the details to attend to, we had almost lost sight of the real reason for the day.  But your inspirational and, most of all, real, ceremony centered us, and grounded us, in a way we never thought possible.

-  Judith and Fernando


We want to thank you for a truly inspiring wedding ceremony. It was everything we had hoped for and more.  You spoke what we felt in our hearts, yet had never quite voiced ourselves.  Thank you for everything.  Our family and friends were all very deeply moved and have commented time and again that it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever been to.

- Patricia and Patrick


Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so unique and special.  Including the children was a wonderful part we could have not done in a traditional Roman Catholic setting.  Everything happens for a reason and we are extremely pleased that as our planning evolved we were led to you.

- Nicki and Mike 


Christine and I express our deep appreciation for your encouraging support of our marriage and you r festive and warm ceremony … from the bottom of our hears, allow us to thank you for presiding over a wedding ceremony so beautiful and sincere that we hope it has set the tone for our entire marriage. … We truly loved every second of our ceremony, and we are both proud and thankful that a man with your convictions and beliefs officiated at our wedding. 

- Christine and Christoph 


We want to thank you for making our wedding day absolutely wonderful, unforgettable and so so happy!  The ceremony was absolutely great and didn’t leave anyone indifferent.  All our guests were very impressed and in awe by what you have said.  Everything about you – your wisdom, voice, poise, looks  - made our ceremony so special.  You found exactly the right words to express what we both feel for each other.  We also were impressed how smoothly everything went – we didn’t have to worry about anything: your kind voice, reassuring look and smile throughout the whole ceremony made us both feel taken care of.  If there are angels on the Earth – you definitely are one of them. Your kindness, love and warmth are radiating throughout everything you do or say making people around you feel the part of your world full of love and care.  Blessed and honored be the couples whom you will marry in the future for they will be the fortunate ones to witness and share in the most unforgettable and sacred ceremony in their lives.

- Maria and Michael 


Thank you so much for such a lovely ceremony.  I hope you had as much fun as we did!  :)  Our families and guests were very impressed with the ceremony; we couldn't have asked for a better, more all-encompassing wedding.  Let me know if you would like us to write a recommendation, or sign a guest book for other prospective brides and grooms.

- Shannon and Don


The next best thing to having the love and best wishes of our family and friends at our wedding was having the exceptional ceremony that you performed for us.  Everything was perfect and your sermon touched us all.  Thanks again for making our wedding extraordinary!

- Cathy and Kevin 


Morgan and I wanted to thank you for helping us to make our wedding everything we had hoped it would be.  We thought the ceremony was just perfect, and we were so thankful to have found someone whose philosophy about religious life is so harmonious with our own.

- Lesley and Morgan Hobbs


Thank you for adding so much joy to our wedding day. The ceremony was so meaningful and personal, it was truly a wonderful way for Ozzie and I to begin our life together. We loved it and can’t thank you enough.

- Jana and Ozzie 


Thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony so beautiful! Your words and wisdom will be carried with us throughout our marriage.  Many of our guests commented on what a special ceremony we had due to you! 

- Lolly and Tom 


Thank you so much for your wonderful service at our wedding. Everyone Commented about how meaningful our ceremony was.  Most of all we have a wonderful memory of our marriage ceremony that we can cherish for our lifetimes!

- Joann and Ed 


Thank you for making our day perfect.  The ceremony was beautiful and my mother  loved you (this is key)!  We enjoyed every moment thanks to you!

- Valerie and Forrest


We were glad to have you be a part of an unforgettable day. Your talk on love will always be remembered, as well as your warm and welcoming demeanor.

- Paula and Jeff 


Rather belatedly, we wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding such a very special and beautiful occasion.  I think you will agree that the setting was perfect, surrounded by nature, all those glorious trees filtering in the sunlight. What memories we all have.  We felt that, with such short notice, you put together the most perfect ceremony for us and all our family and friends.  Once again, thank you so very much and may God bless you in you work - it meant so much to me personally to have such a spiritual side to our marriage ceremony - it is a new beginning for us both and we are so happy.

-  Sue and Michael 


We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job you did with our wedding ceremony.  Afterwards, we received nothing but compliments about everything from the uniqueness of the format, to the moving homily on love.  If possible, we’d love to have a copy, so that we can forever remember how you helped make our day truly “ours.”

-  Stevie and Ben 



You officiated my wedding that took place on July 11th, 2003 and I did not get a chance to thank you for all your hard work.  We got SO many compliments on the service that you presented on our wedding day and my family as well as Phelan and I were so very happy with the outcome.  We just wanted to take this time to thank you for making our day that much more special and there will definitely be recommendations coming from us.  We wish you all the best!  Thank you,

- Cindy and Phelan


Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding.  We enjoy and relate to your intellect, wit, and spirituality.  We’ll always remember you and your thoughtfulness.

- Marian and Adam 


Thank you for your guidance over the past few months and performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony.  Rodney and I were truly moved and will always remember you.  

- Briana and Rodney 


Karly and David really wanted their ceremony to be something special.  They sincerely felt after meeting you that you were the person to provide the ceremony they longed to have.  I am so pleased that they were correct in their feelings.  Their ceremony was truly unique and special.  You may not know that David is a Dartmouth graduate and his college friends are terribly bright.  …they were so impressed, I had to chuckle … you pleased people on multiple levels. Thank you for your patience, care and concern.

- Mother of the bride


Words cannot express our sincere thanks and gratitude for marrying us on New Year’s Eve.  Both of us are glad the judge was unavailable to perform the ceremony.  You made it a special and memorable experience.

- Andrea and Courtney 


Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding.  Not only were you a wonderful speaker who spoke to Roger and I – but to everyone else.  We had more compliments on you than anything else!  If you ever need references or anything else – please let us know!  Thank you again!

- Roger and Lexa 


Words cannot express our thanks for making our day perfect! So many people have commented on such a special ceremony! ... thanks again for a beautiful day!

- Tonya and Danny 


Our ceremony on Saturday was beautifully delivered and intellectually inspired. Our guests literally gushed at your articulate message and we are thrilled that we managed to get you to officiate at our wedding. If you can satisfy my devout Catholic Long Island mother-in-law and the mainstream Protestants, you're doing something right.  The inclusive message you delivered on Saturday particularly appeals to me. Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony.

- Lori and Tom 


Thanks for marrying us.  Our wedding was so beautiful and meaningful because of your presence.  We certainly appreciate it a lot!

- Sandra and Kelly


Jeremy and I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did officiating our wedding. The ceremony was absolutely perfect. We are still receiving compliments that our wedding ceremony was the most beautiful one they have ever been to. We can't wait to receive the video to relive it. We really appreciate the letter you wrote us and really took the words to heart. The certificate you created will proudly be displayed in our home. We also really appreciate you giving us a copy of the ceremony.

- Claire and Jeremy 


The process was made easier with you participating.  The best thing about your ceremony service was your patience and grace under pressure.  Starting late and unorganized at the beginning – it all became invisible to us and our guests just in time for our ceremony to proceed beautifully.  Thanks to your leadership on top of your patience and grace, our ceremony was a success!  We thank you so much for everything!

- Catherine and Michael 


Thanks for the beautiful job you did on our ceremony. We received lots of good comments on it, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more.  Thanks again!

- Mary and Tim 


Your ceremony helped make our day so special – your non-judgmental spirituality made everyone feel very at ease, and we’ve received so many compliments on your modern approach to God, love, marriage – we could not have asked for a more perfect beginning to our new life together!

- Dale and Kristen


A long overdue thank you for the perfect wedding ceremony. We’re so glad God led us to you! We did pay attention to your message, and have read your letter.  You made a lasting impression.  Thank you again, and God bless you.

- Lourdes and Moe 


Jason and I would like to thank you for the lovely service you offered for our wedding ceremony.  The homily and personal touches were so beautiful and included everything that we hoped to have on our wedding day.  Thank you for making this very important day a special one.  We’ll send you pictures after we receive them and get settle in our house in Cincinnati.

- Jackie and Jason


Thank you so much for all of your help getting the ceremony together.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The wisdom and guidance you’ve shared with us will be treasured always.  Thank you!

- Rathna and Hanna


Steve and I would like to thank you for officiating our wedding. You did a wonderful job in helping us express our love and commitment to one another, to our guests.  We will recommend your services to future brides and grooms!

- Jennifer and Steven 


My wife Linda and I were extremely happy with the wedding service that Rev. Jim Burch performed for us in August, 2004 at our home in Burke, VA.  Linda, who is Catholic and I, who am Jewish, met with Jim prior to the ceremony.  We asked him to perform a service that was intimate and that spoke to us about the positive power and energy surrounding us and that reflected the fact that our one God was looking down and blessing our union.

What Rev. Burch provided was exactly what we asked for.  He demonstrated a flexibility and understanding of our situation that put both of us as at ease during our first meeting with him and that carried through to our marriage ceremony.  We strongly recommend Rev. Burch as a contemporary spiritual leader and wedding master of ceremonies.

- Stephen and Linda 


We wanted to take a moment to nominate our wedding officiant, Rev. Jim Burch from Clifton, VA, as deserving of recognition in your January wedding industry issue.

My husband and I were married at Wakefield Chapel in Annandale, VA. Early in our planning process, we knew that we wanted our wedding ceremony to have the classic spiritual wedding touches, but not to be overly religious, as neither of us belonged to a certain religion or church.  We wanted our officiant to be friendly and personable, someone who would take the time to get to know us in order to be able to personalize our ceremony to ourselves and our families.  We had already met with a few people before I happened across Rev. Burch's website,

Rev. Burch was a real pleasure to work with.  We met with him a couple of times before our wedding to get to know one another, and to discuss our feelings on marriage, family, religion and life in general. He gave us a "workbook" of wedding passages, customs, and verses to review and worked with us to customize our wedding ceremony.  He was also very good about making sure our prospective family issues were handled gracefully.

Our wedding day began rather dreary and drizzly.  Rev. Burch arrived early and made sure that everyone knew their cues and places, and patiently answered all our last minute questions.  Before we knew it, it was time to go.

Despite the weather, and the bridal party starting late, everything went flawlessly. We received more compliments on our ceremony than any other aspect of our day.  Many of our guests we spoke with later that day told us that our officiant had done a fabulous job creating such a beautiful and intimate service.  Rev. Burch's remarks were loving, inspirational, and uplifting, and really touched me as I stood there looking at the man I was marrying.  After the ceremony, Rev. Burch presented us with a keepsake certificate signed by our wedding party, which I thought was a sweet touch.

We couldn't have been more pleased with him, and I absolutely recommend Rev. Burch to anyone who is looking for an officiant.  

- D'Arcey and Justin 


Thank you so much for celebrating our wedding with us.  Everyone commented on how lovely the ceremony was and you were a key reason behind those feelings.  We will remember you always.

- Ann and David


Rev. Jim Burch performed a wonderful ceremony for our wedding held at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC.  Many of our family and guests commented on how much they enjoyed his homily on love and the joining of two people.  My husband and I truly appreciated his very professional approach to our wedding.  His guidance before and during the ceremony helped make our wedding a great success.

Thank you,

Elise and RoB

St. Regis Hotel, DC


I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you again for conducting our wedding.  We had SO many compliments on your service- it was really perfect!  Amir sent an email in for you to the Washingtonian Magazine- you deserve to be recognized for the wonderful work you do.  Again- thank you for making our day better then I could have imagined!

-  Cathie and Amir 


Thank you for making our wedding ceremony so special  I can’t tell you how many compliments we received on your beautiful service.  We really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate all you did to make his wonderful day even more memorable.

- Marissa and Nick


Thank you so much for our lovely ceremony.  What a glorious day for us, our families and friends!  So touching and memorable.  You will be in our thoughts and prayers for years to come … much thanks!

- Misty and Brian


Jim, thank you for a beautiful ceremony.  We have received so many compliments on the ceremony, and we owe it to you!

- Ashley and Melvin


We want to thank you so very much for all you did to make our wedding … so personally meaningful, beautiful and memorable.  Your words were inspiring and spoke to all who were present, and your warm and friendly manner made all of us feel at ease – even though our two hearts were racing!  Our families and friends who were there have all commented on how touching the ceremony was, and those who could not be present have been moved in watching the video. In short, it was perfect for us, and you made it so!

We’re enclosing some pictures we thought you might like to have of our very special wedding.  Again, we thank you so much for your very important part in it.

- Virgil and Guy 


I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful ceremony!!

My wife Christy was so nervous, but you calmed her down with your peace and

the peace of GOD.  Thank you and GOD BLESS!!!!

- Christy and Alexander


We consider ourselves very fortunate to have found you to marry us.  Our ceremony was unique and meant something to us – not the usual “cookie cutter” ceremony many have.  We had many comments about you and the ceremony – good ones, of course. Thanks again!

- Barbara and Clarence 


Just wanted to take a minute to Thank You for performing our Surprise Wedding Ceremony Saturday Evening.  Everything was perfect.  We couldn't have found a better officiant.  Thank You again so much!

-  Becky and Michael


What a beautiful ceremony!  Thank you so much for making our special day extra special.  How right you were – things were perfect!

- Patricia and David


Kim and I just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to tell you thank you for your service. It was a beautiful ceremony, and everyone at the service agreed that it was not the run of the mill ceremony. Once again, we can't thank you enough. 

- Ray and Kim


Steve and I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we loved our wedding ceremony! You did such a great job incorporating our wishes and the small details for us.  You made it fun & entertaining for our guests, but still very meaningful and serious with regard to our love and our responsibilities to building a successful marriage.  Your way of expressing that love crosses all boundaries of different religions was a perfect fit for our group.  No matter how an individual refers to God, the Spirit, Yahweh etc., we all have the same goal and purpose with love and relationships!  We received tons of great feedback on how sincere, beautiful and emotional our ceremony was and we can't thank you enough!

- Steve & Stacey


Thank you so much for making our wedding day and this whole experience so wonderful. You have been great to work with, and we can’t thank you enough for everything.

- Dena and Jim


Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony!  Shihomi and I can't tell you how much we appreciate everything.  Even though it was a hot day, in retrospect we think everything went just as we could have hoped. Thanks again!

- Michael and Shihomi


We are back from the honeymoon and I wanted to take a moment and say big thank you from both Kevin and I for your wonderful service at our wedding. We were very happy to have you as our officiant. You made our ceremony very special and we will have nice memories for the rest of our lives.

- Yana and Kevin


We just cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful, meaningful service and for making our ceremony so special.  Not only did it speak to our hearts, but so many of our guests specifically came to us to tell us how much they enjoyed it.  You have such a special message that we can all relate to, whether as a newlywed or single or having been married for years and years.  We also very much enjoyed your company and hope you had a wonderful time as well.

- Dena and Jim


Thank you for a lovely ceremony.  Our guests gave us so many compliments bout you.  It was a great day!

- Susan and Dan


We wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful wedding ceremony. Your words and presence were so beautiful! We've already seen a few of the wedding pictures and in them you were smiling that great smile of yours which we found so comforting on that day. Thank you also for your beautiful comments about Amy and the sun! Her mom can't stop talking about it and it made us feel great. =) We felt so much joy and love from you which was inspiring. The words and promises of our ceremony and the letter you sent will always stay in our hearts and minds.  Amy truly enjoyed all of the conversations with you … It was great to meet someone who has such similar views on God. She truly believes that God led us to you for the ceremony and feel so blessed that He did. Thank you again for everything. We wish you and your family a joyous, happy, peaceful and wonderful life!

-  Amy and Mark 


Thank you for the lovely ceremony! You did a wonderful job.  We were really pleased with how smoothly it went.  So many guests raved about the ceremony.

- Tanya and Tony


Thank you so much for performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony for us yesterday.  You have been a big part of making our special day happen.  On behalf of all of our friends and family, we really enjoyed it.

- Kim and Duc


We cannot express our thanks to you enough.  The ceremony was amazing.  We received so many compliments from our guests on how beautiful your words were. Thank you so much for making our day fantastic.  You truly are a joy.

- Tracy and Steve


All day long people at our wedding commented about how beautiful the ceremony was. One couple may even be contacting you. Thank you so much for the beautiful service and for all the little details you covered.  We really appreciate it.

- Mike and Eileen


We would both like to thank you for officiating our wedding.  We and our families were so pleased with the way the entire ceremony went.  I could not have imagined anything more perfect or special.  We truly felt like it was OUR wedding, customized to what we wanted and felt was fitting for us.  Thank you for making the process so easy to understand.  We appreciate your kind words, professionalism, and spiritual guidance during this special time in our lives.

- Amanda and Don


Thank you for officiating our wedding so beautifully.  The service couldn’t have gone more perfectly and your homily was absolutely beautiful.  The service was so representative of the two of us and the essence of our relationship that we were left speechless.  We received numerous compliments and praise for your service.  Thank you for making our wedding day unforgettable.  We are truly grateful.

- Sarah and Gale 


Wanted to say thanks again for conducting the service.  Everything wasperfect!  Both Kim and I received numerous compliments from both sidesof family in reference to your God is love and love brings us togethersermon.  Not sure if they mentioned anything to you during thereception.  

- Kim and John 


Thank you so much for conducting our wedding ceremony!  It is beautiful, personal, and is just as what you have visualized with us prior to the wedding.  We are very happy with how everything turned out.  Many people commented afterward at the wonderful sermon you performed.  Thanks for coordinating our wedding party and made everything run so smoothly.  We both feel comfortable and confident to have you stand by us; Ching-yi’s non-English-speaking parents also felt comfortable with how you had them involved during the ceremony.  Thank you very much.  We are grateful to have you as our priest.

- Ching-yi and Barry


Thank you so much for giving us a beautiful ceremony. We’re really glad that you were part of our special day.

-  Aleitha and Vinson 


We wanted to thank you for making our special day that much more special.  Your homily was truly inspirational and had us and the audience not only captivated, but in another place, which was exactly what we wanted, but thought was not possible.  We have been to several weddings over the last year or two and no priest or officiant has been better received.  We can’t tell you how many people have come up and asked us where we found you and raved how absolutely inspirational the ceremony was.  People who had long turned their backs on organized religion came up and said, “Man, that guy had me on the edge of my seat, hanging off of every word that he uttered.  I just wanted to hear what he was going to say next.”  … You truly made our special day that much more perfect, and we could not have asked for more. 

-  Rebecca and Ryan 


Lisa and I wanted to Thank You for such a wonderful wedding ceremony! We both have received so many compliments about you and your delivery... it was excellent! Many of our family and friends have mentioned "it's the best wedding they have ever been to". 

- Lisa and Josh


Thanks for conducting the ceremony. We've received quite a fewcompliments on it. You said all the right things without belaboring theobvious. 

- Cathy and Bill


Thank you for the most wonderful wedding ceremony.  We will remember it forever.  We have had so many of our guests tell us it was the best wedding they had ever attended.  We have to agree.  It was such a pleasure working with you.  Thank you again for making the most important day of our lives so beautiful and memorable.

- Lisa and Tim


I have wanted to write you a note since you performed our wedding last November [note: 4 months earlier] … sorry I am just getting around to it.  I wanted to thank you so much for your help and guidance. You performed a beautiful ceremony and one I will always remember.  I had so many positive comments about you.  You made our perfect day even more so, and we both thank you for that! 

- Dawn and Brian 


Thank you for your kindness and your special thoughtfulness. We felt another card was necessary to let you know how much we appreciated the ceremony you prepared for us.  It was just perfect!  Thank you also for the nice certificate … Our special day was everything we hoped for, and we are very grateful for your contribution.

-  Cheryl and Brad


Thank you so much for officiating our wedding on March 18th.  You were the perfect person to stand with us that night and we are very grateful.

-  Liz and Todd 


Thank you for being such an important part of our special day.  The ceremony was both beautiful and touching.  We will make it a point to live our lives by the readings we chose and the homily you gave.  Thank you again!

-  Amy and Andrew


I wanted to thank you again for performing our ceremony on April 9.  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and very poignant.  We received so many compliments about you at the reception – we couldn’t have been happier.

-  Mira and Patrick 


We wanted to thank you for such a beautiful ceremony!  The weather was gorgeous and everything was just wonderful.  Many people have come up to me and have told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony.  Thank you for all your help and support. 

-  Mary T. and Greg 


We just wanted to say thank you again for performing our wedding ceremony! Everything was beautiful and the guests had nothing but good things to say about you.  

-  Laurie and Wes 


Thank you very much for officiating yesterday.  We had a wonderful time at the wedding, and you ran a great ceremony. We had a huge number of people come up to us afterwards and note how much they really enjoyed your talk and how you conducted the event.

- Matt and Katie


It was wonderful having you as our officiant. Our guests all said it was the best service they have ever attended! They loved it all. I hope you continue to get many requests for ceremonies as you really do a lovely job.

- Alexis and Dave


We are so grateful for the loving energy you brought to our wedding cerebration! The ceremony was so joyful, and perfectly manifested how we feel about each other.  What a beautiful way to begin this amazing journey.

- Christine and Bill


Thank you so much, Jim! Everyone loved your message, it was wonderful! Can't thank you enough. Everyone says that the officiant was absolutely great! your speech was awesome! I even have an Uncle Jeff (who's not very religious) and told me he got your card and was so inspired by what you said during the ceremony! You are amazing! We are so lucky that we found you!!! IT WAS AN AWESOME WEDDING!

-  Jo Melissa & Andrew


Jeff and I want to thank you very much for performing such a beautiful wedding ceremony for us.  We heard so many wonderful remarks about your entire service especially the homily on love.

- Laura and Jeff


Thank you very much for marrying us last Saturday! It was a true pleasure meeting you. We thought it was a beautiful ceremony, and we were very happy with both the content and the wording of what you said. We are spending a week on the beautiful island of Kauai before we have to head back to chilly Sweden.  Thank you for your flexibility, and for being willing to meet us in the Bishop’s Garden.  We think the contact with you has been very easy and smooth in every way. Thanks again for everything and for making our dream come true!

- Linn and Bengt


A loving note can barely express how you have added to our happiness.  We would like to send our sincerest thanks for creating such a special, solemn and personalized wedding ceremony for us that we will treasure forever.  We have received great feedbacks from the ceremony and we would not have done it without you.  May God continue to bless you more as you have blessed couples into their new chapters of life. Again, we thank you so much.

- Allen and Matthew 


I just wanted to thank you for making our wedding so wonderful. You're ceremony really hit home with us and we plan on spending many years showing each other the love we have in our hearts. Even though the weather started out a little rocky, everything cleared right up into the most perfect day! I have already framed our certificate of marriage! Thank you again!

- Ashley & Rob 


We are back from our honeymoon and wanted to send you our heartfelt thanks for the beautiful wedding ceremony you did for us on Nov. 10.  Everything flowed so nicely and we received many comments on how beautiful and meaningful it was.  One of our friends has a daughter getting married in June of 2013 and called her immediately after the ceremony to let her know how perfect you would be for her wedding, so hopefully they will contact you.  If it works out, we will see you again for their wedding.  :)  It was a pleasure working with you and we really appreciate the special touches you add, such as the marriage certificate signed by our wedding party, and a copy of the entire ceremony. Thanks again for making our big day so very special!

-  Stephanie & Joe


Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding experience. We really appreciate the many ways you personalized the ceremony and worked closely with us to make the day perfect!

- Victoria and Andrew


We are so blessed to have found you.  Thank you for joining us in the celebration of the most important day of our lives. You are the one who made it official. We thank you so much!

- Ren and Jon 


You performed the wedding ceremony for my son, Michael, and his wife, Michelle, on July 20th at Lansdowne. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony. We had so many friends and family comment on how meaningful it was. You touched on God, spirituality, family, love and how it all fits together. Thank you so much for making it such a special day! 

-  Beth


Thanks so much for being part of our beautiful day.  Everyone was impressed with the ceremony and said that you did a fantastic job.  We are very grateful and had such wonderful wedding.

-  Carolyn and Jesse


Jim, we want to express our deepest gratitude for helping make our wedding day perfect. Your professionalism and spiritual guidance throughout the process was invaluable to us, and our guests were very complimentary of the ceremony.

-  Christoph and Ginger


Thank you for such a perfect ceremony. You did such a wonderful job and we can’t thank you enough for all you did in making it special. It was an unforgettable moment. We truly appreciate your presence at our wedding and thank you for these precious moments.

- Dyanne and Steven


Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony! You made our day very special.

- Elizabeth and Stefano  


You did a fantastic job for our wedding.

- Bryan and April  


Words cannot explain how wonderful the wedding ceremony was.   You did wonderful!!!!   The moment went you raised the rings was fantastic!!!! I could feel the love and blessing that everybody were given to our kids. Jim it was a fantastic wedding ceremony!!!! thanks again, again.

-  Rosana 


Thank you so much for a lovely ceremony on Saturday.  It was touching and heartfelt.  Many of our guests commented on it afterwards and used warm words.  Thank you again! 

-  Michelle and Jahn 


We want to thank you once again for the beautiful ceremony and sermon. All of our family and friends loved you and your message. We could not have had a more perfect day to start our lives together as a married couple, and we’re so happy you were a part of that day. Thanks again!

- Shelley and Jared


We just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful ceremony. You made the entire process so simple and were a pleasure to work with. We had so many compliments from our family and friends as well. Here are a few pictures we thought you would enjoy. Best to you and your family and hop0e we meet again one day!

- Kerry and Jim


It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re married!  JTomas and I wanted to thank you for making our ceremony so wonderful. It really was just so great, and really hit on what each of us needed that day. Tomas and I were both surprised at the sheer level of love we felt that day from everyone around us, and I know that it was your doing to set it off on such a loving note!

- L